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Snow White (Edited Hansel and Gretal)

What happens after Snow and Prine Charming got married?

Cassidy Reimann

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Snow White (Edited Hansel and Gretal)

& they lived happily ever after. Once upon a time... There was once a princess, Snow white, who lived in the woods. She had two very loved kids. Edward Maddy & Snow White's
Kids The story of Birds ate the carcasses of Snow's old chums. & abandoned them. They ran away in fear.
Just like when Snow was younger. She lead them to the
old dwarf house.
The Dwarfs were dead... No one was there. Without a path they wondered
the forest aimlessly Until Maddy spotted an

cottage unusual But it was made of..... While
Gretel was

to do housework. forced Hansel was caged & to become
a better meal. fattened pushed her in. Gretel The day the witch decided that Hansel was fat enough to eat... she tried to trick Gretel in too, by asking her to check the oven. Gretel played dumb & when the witch leaned over the oven to demonstrate... They Ran when they They had no idea a child-eating witch lived here... and happily accepted when she invited them in. The

thought maybe, it was the house, Snow had been looking for. children Soon they saw their mother. & their Snow was there with open arms they still lived in the castle, with their loving grandmother, breathing dad, and heroic mom. The children soon woke up. And realized, it was all a dream. & The princes mom,
shooed them away
when her son died.
She called them
"Dirty Peasants!" The queen Shooed them away After her son died. And called them dirty peasants. Snow told them to flee. CANDY!ndy!CA heard a evil shriek.
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