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Student Transitions

No description

ian munton

on 24 June 2011

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Transcript of Student Transitions

Supporting Our Students
through Transition Getting in and Belonging Living with Others Mature Students Local Commuter Students International Students Gap Year Repeating Students Choosing the right accomodation Mates for life? Settling disputes En-suite Close to Classes? Commuting from home Approaches to learning More self-directed learning…

less contact time with tutors…

more time to / for / students…

more collaborative and independent learning

Variety of assessment types and deadlines

Wide variety of learning contexts Freshers Week do things calm down... are all students all in the same boat So much alcohol! Students from Care knowledgeable in their subject area

a critical, analytical and creative thinker

an independent learner and researcher

a problem solver

information literate and IT literate

a flexible team worker

an accomplished communicator

an efficient planner and time manager
competent in applying their knowledge and skills
an active citizen who respects diversity

professional and adaptable

reflective, self aware and self-motivated A model graduate? But what about support? Personal Tutors
Study Skills
Disability & Dyslexia
Maths Support
Peer Support English Language
Health Service
International Student Support
Financial Support
Residential support
Careers Guidance Employability - more important than ever... Application of attributes
Co-Curricular experiences
Work experience
Continual development striking the right balance Cooking and cleaning Facebook Groups Social Networks The Plan -Transitions - what? and when?
-The Student experience
-Transitions in detail
-Group work
-Questions Widening Participation Students with disabilities Non-traditional qualifications Distance learners with children or dependents foundation under i8s returning to HE 1.It’s a continual process of change, covering the whole student life cycle.

2.There are many transitions, of which the transition into university is only one.

3.In supporting this process, we are developing both the academic and social capacity of students, for the benefit of the student.

4.The process is inclusive of large numbers of students – perhaps all - not just the “inclusion” groups who are perhaps the most challenged and vulnerable. Key aspects of student transition... “Transition. 1. The process of changing from one state or condition to another; a period of such change. 2. (in music) a momentary modulation.” Oxford Concise Dictionary. http://fliiby.com/file/330647/4ziu68pana.html
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