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GM Animals Project

No description

Alphonse Rodney Bongbong

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of GM Animals Project

The Big Dilemma
When cows fart or burp, produce methane.
A cow makes about 162 m/ yr (max), on its own.
The thing is, there is too much methane in the air.
"This gassy mixture isn't useful, so our bodies push it out and away as best they can... in burps and farts. Got it so far? Hope you're not giggling by the way, this is very serious science. One of the gases found in farts and burps is called 'methane'. A certain amount of methane in the atmosphere is natural, and is a good thing. Along with other so-called 'greenhouse gases' methane collects in the sky and traps warm air around our planet. Problems begin when the layer of greenhouse gases gets too thick and traps too much heat. This is called 'global warming'."3 What Scientists Have Found Out

Scientists found out that "Some individual cows in a herd would produce less methane than others, meaning producers could breed from these & produce a less methane rich herd."1
"Agriculture research scientists at the University of Alberta have identified the bacterium responsible for producing methane and designed a line of cattle that creates 25 percent less methane than the average cow."2 Works Cited
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8. "biology online." http://www.biology-online.org/dictionary/Transformation. N.p.. Web. 21 Mar 2013. Solution to Cow farts We can genetically engineer a cow to fart less
We also can breed cows with low-methane genes
Or we may even genetically engineer cows Ways of stopping the methane excess Genetically Modified Grass "...15 dead cattle represent the first documented case of cyanide deaths being linked to a common Bermuda grass hybrid found in grazing lands across Texas. Although the incident in late May initially sparked concern from other ranchers who use the same grass, state agriculture experts say they believe the problem is isolated and there's no cause for alarm."4
So this solution is still in the process of testing and modifications. Questions that I had about this G.M.O. G.M. Cow and Breeding Cows w/ LOW- Methane Genes

"Cattle can be bred to emit less methane and reduce the contribution of beef production to climate change, said an Australian researcher who spent two years measuring cattle burps."5
"But limiting the flatulent expulsion of methane gases not only has a positive impact on the environment, but also increases productivity of the animals."1
“'..improve methane emissions without impacting profit,'” Donoghue said. But she also said that a lot depends on government policy, 'We can provide all the tools we like, but the policy framework is not set by us.'”5 Why scientists want to produce a cow that fats less/ produce less methane?
What do scientists want to prove having this G.M.O. What is a GMO and a PCR GMO: A cow "whose genetic material has been genetically altered"6, to flatuate less methane.

"PCR (polymerase chain reaction): technique that allows molecular biologists to make many copies of a particular gene."7 Benefits & Costs

More environmental friendly
Less chance of global warming
Not alot of excess with methane
Less fuel for vehicles
Possible death with predators
Expensive Project !MORE VOCABULARY!

Recombinant DNA Technology
A way to produce DNA "by combining DNA from different resources."7
Started in around the 70s or 80s
"(biology)Any change in an organism that alters its general character and mode of life; post-natal biological transformation or metamorphosis."8
"(genetics) The genetic alteration of a bacterial cell resulting from the transfer of foreign DNA."8
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