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Bryce Degood

on 6 January 2015

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Transcript of Alcoholism

Alex, Ran-Deezus, Cap'nPat, Bryce & Jeff
Alcohol Abuse

Evolution overtime

Forest Gump (1960's)
Animal House 1978
Lawless 1931
The movie Lawless is based 1931, and is about moonshiners.
Forrest Gump takes place in the 1960'3, and shows how adults started becoming alcoholics
This clips shows how college kids began drinking more and partying. It's not casual drinking that had been done in the past its partying. They drank for fun, unlike alcoholics who drink to escape
Project X
Project X was a movie based in modern times.Pictures show kids getting drunk and partying. Children are the new alcohol abusers
Alcohol abuse is the misuse of the substance of alcohol. Alcohol has been consumed for more then 2,000 years. Alcohol causes intoxication, lowering a users inhibitions and causing negative effects. Can also damage livers and brains.
What it is
Teenage Drinking Article
In The last 30 Days
39% drank some amount of alcohol.
22% binge drank.
8% drove after drinking alcohol.
24% rode with a driver who had been drinking alcohol.
We concluded that Alcohol abuse was common among adult parties. Overtime it changed to be common in kids parties and adults have addictions. Addictions can cause several health problems, such liver failure and possibly death
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