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1980s Technologies

No description

Guilherme Bury

on 9 May 2015

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Transcript of 1980s Technologies

The innovations and technologies
Presented by Daniel, Guilherme, Venâncio, Wesley and Zezinho
Metrocamp University
Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Product #1
Product #3
Product #4
Pac Man
Pac Man
Elk Cloner
More Internal Space
Present five technologies from 1980s
Think how these technologies had change
Present findings
Changed the habits
The First Virus
We have
all this tech
in our
Presented for
One last thing...
It was GREAT...
8 MHz 68000 processor
128k of RAM
400k disk drive
The World's Smallest
The Mac
It was one of the most popular games, with versions for various consoles. It also was the first game that gave a massive "merchandising", causing great selling of T-shirts, jackets, pants, coffee cups, stuffed toys, books, and other items.
Elk Cloner
In 1982 was writing the first malicious code, the Elk Cloner virus for a high school student from Pittsburgh, USA, with only 15 years.
The virus infected the operating system and was able to copy itself when a disk was inserted into the computer.
The Elk Cloner was created just to annoy the users because its action was displaying a poem on the screen every 50 times the computer was used, showing their ability to proliferate
The mouse
But why?
Everyone can carry their favorite songs
Popularised the headphones
The User Interface
The Drag&Drop
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