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Solar Powered Clippers

No description

tony hodge

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of Solar Powered Clippers

Tony Hodge Tabarus Barton Kyle Parker Kenneth Dillard Shonsha Stroud

Hair clippers were first created in the year 1911 by Leo J. Wahl, he experimented with a vibrating electromagnetic motor.

0n october 14, 1919 Leo J. Wahl applied for patents on is newly developed electromagnetic hair clipper.

These hair clippers are still being used today in our society at every barber shop across the globe.
Cutting mens Hair

Cutting woman's Hair

Cutting, trimming , and shaving animals.

Arching woman's eyebrows
Solar Powered Clippers
Solar Power
In America technology is advancing faster and better than it has before. We have all seen the solar panels in the hand held calculator that just lies around the house.

Often that solar powered calculator gets over looked, but there is amazing technology.

Noticing the panel, our team questioned each other “What else could it be used for?”
Cost Summary
So how do solar panels work?
It all starts with the PV cells also known as photovoltaic cells.
The panels are made up of silicon layers.
When light strikes the silicon, a certain portion of it is absorbed within the semiconductor material.
The photons knocks electrons loose, and they try to find pairing electron holes.

Regular professional grade hair clippers (Andis, Wahl, Oster…etc.) have a cost value of about $55-$140.
There are not any solar-powered clippers on the market to compare market value with so the starting value would vary between $65-$165, depending on the purpose of the clippers.
One can save a bundle by becoming your own family barber opposed to spending $10-$20 every 2 weeks which adds up to $520-$1040 per year.
When this happens an electromagnetic field occurs not allowing this to happen.

When you connect the sides with wires the electrons can freely flow to the electron holes on the other side of the panel creating energy.

Putting a solar panel in the clippers has not been done before, but will be another leap forward for regular users and barbers alone.
We decided to implement the solar panel in our design of hair clippers.

The panel would be used as the main battery source to give the user the complete control of the clippers.

The user would be able to cut anywhere they wants to, not requiring an outlet.

It also will provide the user the benefit of not contributing to the electricity bill.
solar panel
Most electric hair clippers are powered by electric motor which makes the blades oscillate from side to side.
Our design for the hair clippers is very unique compared to other hair cutting clippers in the world.
Our clippers have a solar panel that is attached to the bottom of the clippers.
The hair cutting clippers are absorbing power from the light that’s inside the establishment.
Solar power vs. Competition
We thought with using the solar panel for our design it would be more energy efficient for our customer because usually barbers are using a lot of KWH daily.
It utilizes a new way to save energy. Another great thing about our design is that it is very durable and it provides the same amount energy as plug-in hair clippers.
Regular clippers often over heat during a long period of time and I think with the solar panel being placed on it will reduce the over heating of clippers.
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