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No description

Azer Aliyev

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Azikus

Converting thoughts into a business Azikus Facts Number of internet users in Azerbaijan – 4M, worldwide – 2.5B

$17 Billion in First Half 2012 where made on online ads of online and offline companies. According to Interactive Advertising Bureau Problem No centralized user-friendly platform to share customer experience

No Business Oriented Online Service that will cost and time effectively provide market insights, trends and show potential gaps. What about
Business Owners? About us Azer Aliyev - CEO, Founder
MCS from University of Iowa, IA, USA
7+ years of professional experience in IT What do we offer to
customers? IT Zone Costs/Funds Provide a centralized user-friendly platform to share their customer experience.

Help them to select their business service providers (TripAdviser for any business)

Provide an ability to be heard by Business Owner Front end: AJAX + PHP + Python
Reports: MapReduce via Hbase Hadoop
Back End: C++ or PowerBasic
DB: Cassandra (FB), BigTable (Google) Income $$$$$ (Smart) Banners Business Services
Fees Revenue Model Google Ads Thank YOU Questions? Azerbaijan audience of Facebook Functionality and Design are fundamentals

No self advertisement – let people speak about us
Service should be entertaining

Transparency and Trust Service will not become popular

Service will not be reliable

Competitors will deliver a better product

Cost underestimation/ Revenue overestimation Help to see and understand own gaps precisely and react instantly

Help to understand market demand and competitors cost effectively

Help to increase the level of trust between business and customers

Help to promote business efficiently

Help to attract Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) SeedStars World
Local and Foreign Private Equities
Grants Funds SoLoMo - Social Local Mobile Risks How it will look like We want to..
...become global Focus Areas 1. Food and Entertainment industry
2. Telecoms
3. Financial Institutions
4. Health Industry
5. Construction companies Total cost for 24 months period ~ 229,000

Total expected revenue for 24 months ~ 145,000

Total Revenue will exceed cost after 36 months Cost/Revenue (in AZN) Competitors Timeline Project Scope Definition

Starting forming the team 0 9 M Project team has been formed

Starting developing product Product has been developed

Market penetration 3 M Self-Assessment

Steady Operations 18 M Pre - expansion 24 M Expansion 30 M
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