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Prezi Directions: David and Goliath

Use this prezi to help you plan your project

Krystal Sanchez

on 26 October 2015

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Transcript of Prezi Directions: David and Goliath

Malcolm Gladwell's
David and Goliath

Purpose of this Book/ Gladwell's Thesis
Explain major storylines
The rich Hollywood Executive
Explain 2-3 Important Quotes
What most people don't realize about this story is...
The Story of the Original David and Goliath
Part 1: The Advantages of Disadvantages
Summarize the main idea of this chapeter. (The one with the basketball team and Lawrence of Arabia.
Part 2: The Inverted U
Explain the main idea of this chapter.
Explain major story lines
Explain Ranedive and Lawrence of Arabia
Create a visual representaiton of the inverted U
2-3 Important Quotes Explained
My Opinion:
Is being an underdog acutally an advantage? What do you think? Use 1-3 pieces of evidence from the text to support your answer. 5-10 sentences.
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