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A Doll's House

No description

Theresa Dixon

on 19 December 2015

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Transcript of A Doll's House

A Doll's House
Pet Names
A Doll's House
, Nora is called many demeaning names by Torvald: skylark, squirrel, featherhead, featherbrain, etc. Before each nickname he would say the word little in order to turn the sweet pet names into insulting ones. In the 19th century woman were not seen as equals to men. Woman had to deal with prejudice from men and the roles that their society expected them to play.
Pet Names: Summary
. Still, you know, we can't spend money recklessly.
. Yes, Torvald, we may be a wee bit more reckless now, mayn't we? Just a tiny wee bit! You are going to have a big salary and earn lots and lots of money.
. Yes, after the New Year; but then it will be a whole quarter before the salary is due.
Nora. Pooh! we can borrow until then.
. Nora! [Goes up to her and takes her playfully by the ear.] The
same little featherhead!
Suppose, now, that I borrowed fifty pounds today, and you spent it all in the Christmas week, and then on New Year's Eve a slate fell on my head and killed me, and--

Act I: Pg. 3
In this part of the play Helmer is scolding Nora about being a "spenddrift". Not only does he call her that, but in the last line seen to the left he calls her a featherhead. This nickname emplys that she is dumb and that woman in general have no business worrying about money or any other thing that men are suppose to handle during this time.
Your squirrel
would run about and do all her tricks if you would be nice, and do what she wants.
. Speak plainly.
Your skylark
would chirp about in every room, with her song rising and falling--
. Well,
my skylark
does that anyhow.
. I would play the
and dance for you in the moonlight, Torvald.
. Nora--you surely don't mean that request you made to me this morning?

Act II: pg. 32
At this point Nora has accepted the fact that Torvald calls her many degrading nicknames. She tries to use the nicknames to her advantage by addressing herself by the same names. This shows how she is willing to belittle herself in order to be what Torvald and society wants her to be.
Helmer [calls out from his room]. Is that
my little lark
twittering out there?
Nora [busy opening some of the parcels]. Yes, it is!

Act I: Pg. 3
This is the first time that Helmer uses a pet name. In theses two lines helmer calls Nora his "little lark" and Nora response as if him saying this is okay.
During this time period, 19th century women were thought of as less than men. By Nora responding with "Yes, it is!" this is her accepting and going with the ways of the society.
A Doll's House
Petnames and their true meaning
Nyjah Anjeli Gee
Theresa Dixon
By: Henrik Ibsen

Ibsen, Henrik, George Schaeffer, Julie Harris, Christopher Plummer, and Jason Robards. A Doll's House. New York, N.Y: MGM/UA, 1981.
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