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James monroe

No description

Carter Walz

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of James monroe

carter walz 20 Sources/ fun fatcs After the presidency the presidential years Before the presidency he was the 5 Th president of the us.he also helped bye Florida from Spain.he was one of the people who helped America become a new country.Book Title:James Monroe.Author:Michale Teilbaum.publisher:Compas point.place of publication:Minne Apolis Minnisoata He retired because he had already served two terms.He moved with his daughter and her husband and died on July 4,1831. James Monroe was the 5Th persistent.Danel d.Tomkins was his vice persistent.He served two terms.James Monroe from 1817 to 1825.He helped bye Florida from Spain.But he did not want to take it bye force, but his general had other ideas.Persident Monroe's inauguration was on march 1817(PS an inauguration is a ceremony for a president when his term begins)Monroe visited many states all over the country.he wanted to learn more about what the US was like.Well James Monroe was president lots of people argued about slaves.In 1820 a compromise was made ti stated that no new states could allow slavery.

He was born on April 28 ,1758.In Westmoreland Country,Virginia.James Monroe was married to Elizabeth Kortright.He Thay had three kids.He died on July 4,1831 in Ne York City,New York.Education,James Monroe went to Collage of William and Mary.Jobes before he became president,before he became president he was a layer,senetor,and a diplomat. James Monroe
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