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Slaves and Slave owners

No description

Gene Monahan

on 3 November 2016

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Transcript of Slaves and Slave owners

Slaves were forced to do hard labor or they would get shot by their owners.
African slave trade
People from other countries would capture africans and trade them for other goods. People who bought Africans used them as slaves.
Slave owners
Slave owners were very mean people who used other people to do their labor with force.
Slaves and Slave owners
By:Jackson Gister
The slave owner is wiping his slave to get him to work.
he will shoot the slaves if they run off.
Why do slaves work for their slave owners.
If the slaves will not work for their slave owners they will get tortured. For example they will get wiped or even shot.

slave and slave owner similarities.
Both the slaves and the slave owners hate each other. Also both slaves and slave owners
Slaves houses
Slaves had very bad housing, all they had was a horrible bed and a wood burning fire.

slave owners housing
Well slave owners must have nice houses because they have slaves working on them twenty four seven. The slaves make their house but they also make the slave owners house.
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