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Concur CBS - V11 9.15.16

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Transcript of Concur CBS - V11 9.15.16

Business challenges today
P-Cards reduce the cost per transaction by $70 and cycle time by 8 days compared to a traditional PO-based process.
An integrated solution can have a big impact on your bottom line.
What are Company Bill Statements?
One platform
— Use the same user interface for corporate cards and P-Cards.

Automated process
— Define and automate spend capture, reconciliation, approval, audit and account for
P-Card transactions.

End user efficiency
— All users receive automatic notifications and reminders, from employee spend to manager approval.

Visibility into spend
— Combine the wealth of data captured with Concur's reporting to gain powerful insights.

— Digital receipts make the approval and audit process transparent and improve compliance.

An extension of Concur Expense

Automates the process of managing P-Card spend

Statement reports are automatically created when transactions are received

Provides a single system for reconciliation
How it works
Annual P-Card spend is expected to reach $318 billion in 2016 and $377 billion by 2018.
Cash expenses
are prone to fraud

Time consuming and expensive to make check payments

Too much paperwork

Out-of-policy spend

P-Card program benchmarks
More than half of all company billed spend falls into these five categories:
Did you know?
Office supplies
Advertising and marketing
Repairs and maintenance
Provides greater insight and visibility
Company Bill Statements was developed specifically to address the unique characteristics of P-Card programs
Reports are automatically generated
All spend is collected, categorized and stored
What’s the takeaway?
Want to learn more?
Statement routes through approval workflow for payment
User submits statement for approval
Statement held until cycle closes
User validates transaction, makes updates and attaches images
Additional P-Card transaction added to statement
Charges auto populate
to P-Card specific expense types
Initial P-Card charge generates a Company Bill Statement
Admin sets up CBS requirements
2014 Purchasing Card Benchmark Survey Results: Market Trends and Best Practice Program Choices, RPMG Research Corporation
P-Card program-specific data can be incorporated into:
Audit rules
Email Reminders
Concur consolidates your company billed spend into a single, connected process so you can:
Track and manage spend
Ensure compliance
Source: 2015 Concur client data.
Over 65% of all companies have a P-Card program.
A typical Fortune 500-sized public corporation saves $15 million annually by using P-Cards.
Power up your P-Card program
Manage your P-Card spend with Company Bill Statements from Concur.
Concur Expense automatically creates new P-Card statement reports.
Charges are assigned
to cardholder statements with the appropriate expense types.
to provide additional visibility into P-Card spend.
View this webinar and contact your Concur representative.
Reduce time and resources wasted
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