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Copy of Neuromarketing & Personal Branding

No description

molly tanny

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Neuromarketing & Personal Branding

Laura O'Brien
Siobhan Crotty
James Nolan
Daryl Daniels
Fiona Yang Is a set of human characteristics associated with a brand Learning Outcomes Have a clear understanding of what brand personality is

Give a comprehensive insight of how brands are moving their personalities onto contemporary platforms

How sponsorship could influence brand personality

Create a class environment that involves participation and interaction

icebreaker Que Logramos? Pretest de anuncios de television SONY BRAVIA
Non-material dimensions were used to make a store special Se estima que el 85% de nuestras decisiones las tomamos de manera subconscientes y que solo un 15% son decisiones realmente conscientes set of meanings constructed by an observer to describe the inner characteristics of a brand. Desarrollar una Marca Personal requiere tiempo, esfuerzo, paciencia y metodo. Sustainable Competitive Advantage Marca Personal es la gestion adecuada y consciente de las percepciones, los recuerdos y las expectativas que queremos generar en los demas Hemos LLegado Al Fin De esta Presentacion Agradecemos por Tu Atencion. 1 Intangible Asset 2 Foster Brand Loyalty 3 represents and cues functional benefits Cement Desired Market Position 1 Reposition Brand 2 More Profitable Market Segment 3 Contemporary Brand Personality Sponsorship Keller (2003) Activities such as events sponsored by a brand will influence its personality. Conclusion CSR While CSR likely has major implications for marketing activities such as advertising and branding, there is much we still do not know about its effects on consumer decision making. 1980s Star Strategy 1980's The Three Ways of Describing a Brand

The Physical One
The Character
The Style 1958 1997 Aaker's Study on Brand Personality 1989
Two Ways of describing Brand Personality

Direct Indirect THANK YOU!!
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