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Facebook Case Study

The following Prezi is a corporate case study analysis of Facebook. It was presented by Tharyn Taylor at the 2011 ITERA conference in Indianapolis, IN, on April 9th, 2011. See YouTube link to watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmmkVPLtpHY

Tharyn Taylor

on 22 January 2012

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Transcript of Facebook Case Study

Facebook Breakdown History Organizational Structure Products & Services Financial Future of Facebook 2. Organizational Structure 3. Products & Services 1. History Conclusion 4. Financial 5. Future ITERA 2011
The 9th Annual Conference on Telecommunications and Information Technology
8-10 April 2011,
Indianapolis Indiana, USA. Social Layer of Communication FaceMash
CourseMatch Mark Zuckerberg February 4th, 2004
24 hours 1,500 Registrants
June 2004: Piqued interest in Silicon Valley Peter Thiel Sean Parker $500,000 5.5 M Users $ 1 billion offer Active users: 12 Million Culture What sets Facebook apart from the rest... Headquartered: Palo Alto, CA (soon to be moving to Menlo Park) International HQ: Dublin Ireland ilosophy "To give people the power to and make the world more and ." Zuckerberg describes Facebook as a "social utility" rather than a "social network." Facebook Products: Profiles
Platform Profile Page "... a person’s digital and collaborative autobiography that gets instant publication with each update." The Profile The Wall Pho Photos Mobile Widely Available iPhone
Sony Ericsson
INQ Blackberry
Windows Phone
Sidekick 200 Million Users Private Company IPO No later than April 30, 2012 Platform Like Buttons Login w/ Facebook Recent Friend Activity Facebook Applications User-Brand Interaction Facebook Credits Search User Growth January 2009 July 2010. (18 months) Over 70% of active users are outside the United States If current growth is sustained, Facebook could reach 1 billion users by August 2012 Why is Facebook so compelling? Tharyn Taylor
Western Michigan University ITERA 2011 A Case Study Analysis in Telecommunications and Business Strategy Why is Facebook so compelling? Social Forerunners While at Harvard Advised Facebook & became first president Why so popular? College exclusivity
2006 open to all 12 M Users We want Facebook! 1.6% share for $ 240 M Over 300% increase! 150 M 500 M Attracts Controversy & Hollywood "The Social Network"
Was the idea stolen?
Co-founder fall-outs
General privacy concerns Growth Employees’ Choice - 50 Best Places to Work Glassdoor, 2011 #1 Highly intelligent atmosphere "...gives you the opportunity to work with some of the smartest, most interesting people you'll ever meet." "...making a real difference in the world." No cubicles shared desk space
LOTS of perks Right to say "Yeah, I work at Facebook." Coolest Features Chat New Feed Groups Business Profiles "Two-thirds of the top 100 most visited websites are connected" instant gratification Nielsen says most popular app on most smart phones People want to share NOW! Pages "This is where you will hear the REAL story from the Warlock." Business of Facebook 1. Advertising
2. Virtual goods
(Facebook Credits) Future: possibly mobile payments? Social Gaming FarmVille
Mafia Wars $ 5.4 billion valuation Madden
Pet Society
Geo Challenege
Benefits: for Facebook: for Advertisers: share open connected Rethinking the WEB default is social. Goldman Saches Invested $ 1.5 billion At a $ 50 billion valuation vs. Let me show you...
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