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my short term goals and my long term goals

No description

Geneva Parker

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of my short term goals and my long term goals

my short term goals and longs term goal
to change my bad attitude .
short term goals
look up programs that i can get myself in to learn more about nursing/talk to someone that can help me with my future of being a nurse .
look up programs where a can look at collages and see what they can do for me.
long term goals
actually get myself in a program for nursing like being a assistant nurse or shadow a nurse.
when i get mad walk it off or talk to somebody.
get in a program that will show me what i need to get into a collage ,how to keep my grades up in collage , and what collages have a good nursing program.
learn how to control my temper within a month.
get in program for collage within 2 months .
get in a nursing program within 2 months and some weeks.
are they achievable
is my goal realistic
i think all of my goals are realistic cause i think I'll be able to do all of them things within a time period.
i think my goal are achievable if i worked hard enough i can reach my long term goals .
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