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Notes from the Midnight Driver

No description

Luke Sherman

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of Notes from the Midnight Driver

Important Events
Important Events
Main Characters
Important Events
Conflict (continued)
Important Themes
Important Themes
Notes from the Midnight Driver

By: Jordan Sonnenblick
Alex Gregory
Alex goes through a lot of changes throughout the story. He realizes all his mistakes through his best friend, Solomon Lewis, and his parents. He faces lots of problems but figures out how to fix them.
"I think I have learned and applied a life lesson"
(Sonnenblick 242).
Laurie Flynn
Laurie is ungrateful about her beauty. She is five feet tall, but she is a black belt so she can take on the biggest opponents. She is small and powerful, just like the world's smallest gun.
"Laurie is only five feet tall, and looks exactly like Tinker Bell from Peter Pan. She has perfect blonde hair, a little upturned button nose, sparkly blue eyes, a sweet little angel mouth, and even slightly pointy little elf ears - plus a perfect gymnast body that the other girls are always giving her dirty looks over. All of which she hates" (Sonnenblick 26-27).
Solomon Lewis
Solomon Lewis comes in at the beginning of the story as a grumpy, mean old man. Over the course of the story, however, he changes, with the help of Alex, to become a nicer, kindhearted man. He changes, just like flavor changing gum.
"'Are you the new volunteer who's going to make Mr. Lewis all happy and cheerful for us?'" (Sonnenblick 42-43).
The setting of this story is present day.
Old phone
These pictures show how phones have changed over the years. Our generation is in the present day, just like the setting of the story. Live every day in the present.
A conflict in this story is that the main character, Alex, has to serve 30-days for court assigned service hours at the nursing home.
"I could see that the car was up on a lawn" (Sonnenblick 5).
"Thirty days is a long time" (Sonnenblick 29).
This picture shows a long road ahead. This matches since Alex thinks thirty days is a long time. However, if you believe in yourself, you can face any problem ahead.
Another conflict in the story is that Alex has to visit a mean old guy named Solomon Lewis.
"'Hi, my name is Alex Gregory, and I've been assigned to work with Mr. . . . umm . . . Solomon Lewis. Am I in the right place?'" (Sonnenblick 42).
This picture shows all the danger and trouble that Alex has ahead of him. He can get through it, though. Sometimes it takes risk to get a plentiful reward. Alex got a great reward of getting a new friend and learning some new life lessons.
The resolution of the story is when Alex and Solomon become friends, ending Alex's hours and making Solomon a nicer man before he goes.
The "Toy Story"
tell that Woody and Buzz don't get along at first, but become friends in the end. So do Alex and Sol. As they always say, opposites attract.
"I am pleased to re
ort a new breakthrough in my
mmunity service work. Much as I e
oy serving Mr. Lewis..." (Sonnenbl
By: Luke Sherman
An important event is when Alex crashes into the lawn gnome while driving drunk.
This shows that drinking and driving is not okay. Alex could have seriously hurt someone. Don't drink and drive. It's not safe.
"'. . . and decapitated Mrs. Wilson's French lawn gnome'"
(Sonnenblick 6).
Another important event is when Alex realizes Judge Judy is Solomon's daughter.
Sol hasn't seen his daughter in a long time. It is cool when
they reunite right in front of Alex. It finishes
the puzzle in the story.
"Sol had the strangest expression behind his mask. 'Judy.'"
(Sonnenblick 255).
The final important event is when Alex talks about how people are free to do anything they desire.
"We're all free to choose some people to love, and then do it" (Sonnenblick 259).
The American Flag symbolizes freedom for our country. Alex says everyone is free, so the flag represents this quote perfectly. America is the home of the free and brave.
One important theme is taking responsibility for your actions.
Alex has to serve a 100-hour term for driving drunk. He takes responsibility, just like this dog. The dog picks up after himself.
"I walked into the Egbert P. Johnson Memorial Home for the Aged to start my sentence"
(Sonnenblick 41).
Another important theme is sacrifice
Sacrifice is almost like a trade. One person gives up something for someone else. This trading boat knows a lot about that. Alex gives up time for the gift of knowledge.
"I think I have learned and applied a life lesson"
(Sonnenblick 242).
Alex gave his time and learned something important.
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