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Mythological Allusions in Modern Media

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maineng vang

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Mythological Allusions in Modern Media

Mythological Allusions in Modern Media
By: Mai Neng Vang
english10 hour:6

Pandora Jewelry vs Pandora's box
Reference to the Myth
Pandora was the first women in the Greek-Mythology, her name has the meaning of "all gifted" and Pandora Jewelry is about giving a special gift to the person you care for, and give them hope.

Once the ladies open their Pandora Jewelry box/gift, there will be no more evil in them, and the box that contains the gift that will only give and receive hope.
Reference to Myth
Ajax is a greek warrior in the Trojan war was known as a man who cleaned up in/after the Trojan war battle.
Ajax is a dish washing soap that will clean up the dirty
work from pots, pans, and dirty dishes. Just like how the Greek Warrior Ajax cleaned up after the battle
Hunger Games
Reference to Myth
Theseus, the son of Kin Aegenus (the king of Athens) successfully defeats the minotaur and saves the children who were once chosen to complete the mission.
In both stories, there are kids that was chosen to fight
for their deaths until they are the last one standing in
the end. In both stories there were some survivors who
killed others in order to live.
Clash of the Titans
Reference to Myth
The Titans were 12 children of earth and sky by their childrens Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. Who soon overthrew their rulers, and Zeus who had many brave children.
This story itself is actually based on a Greek hero
who came to have slayed the head of evil Medusa.
Harry Potter
Reference to Myth
The underworld had a three headed dog that was owned by Hades, the God of the underworld. This dog was to not let any soul leave the underworld.
The movie and the myth, they both contain a three headed dog.
Of course these dogs have different names and roles, but they are both the same idea.
The Little Mermaid
Reference to Myth
This story of the little mermaid is about a girl who disobeys
her father King Triton, the ruler of the underwater Antlantica.
In this movie, King Triton relates to Poseidon in many ways. It is said that King Triton is the son of Poseidon, and has the same three-pronged spear.
"Minotaur watching a sleeping girl"
-Pablo Picassio
Reference to Myth
In the painting, it was the male's animalistic side
of nature.
This painting relates to the Greek Mythology of Theseus and the Minotaur. They both show the animal creature that has a human trait.
"The Triumph of the victor" -Peter Paul
Reference to Myth
This painting shows Nike (the goddess of victory) crowning the winner/Victor with a laurel crown.
The picture that Peter Paul drew shows the Greek Goddess of Victory which refers that Nike (the Greek goddess) is crowning someone.
Nine Muses
Reference to Myth
A south Korean group of female singers that
debuted in the year of 2010 in South korea.
This group contains 9 beautiful talented ladies.
The Nine Muses are nine daughters of Zeus. They are known to rule art (including music) and science. The girl group and Muses both contain nine womans and play/sing music.
Apollo Theater
Reference to Myth
The Apollo theater is a music hall that plays beautiful music. This hall is famous for the music it plays and how the directors
direct music.
The Apollo theater and Apollo character in greek mythology are related because they both have music, and they both play music.
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