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Pay It Forward

No description

Megan Mckay

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Pay It Forward

Is for Alcoholism.
In the movie Pay It Forward, Trevor's mom, grandma and dad all have alcoholism .
Is for Believe.
In the movie, Trevor needed to believe in his mom so she could quit drinking.
Is for Courage.
Trevor knew it would take a lot of courage to change the world.
Is for Empathy.
In the movie Trevor showed empathy for Jerry because he was homeless.
Is for Forgiveness.
In the film everyone learned to forgive one another in a way.
Is for Grateful.
At the end of the film, Trevor's mom was grateful to have such a great son.
Is for Hope.
In the film there was hope for all the kids to change the world.
Is for Kindness.
In the movie Pay It Forward Trevor demonstrated kindness for his friend who was being bullied.
Is for Major and Minor characters.
Trevor- Haley Joel Osment
Mom-Helen Hunt
Eugene Simonet- Kevin Spacey

Is for Neglect
Is for Questions
Is for Respect
Is for Plan
Trevor had world wide linking plan to change the world.
Is for Setting
In the movie most people that lived in Las Vegas had alcoholism.
Mr. Simonet believed in Trevor to make his plan to pay it forward work.
In the movie Trevor had a lot of courage to stand up to a bully.
Is for Disrespect.
In the movie kids at school showed a lot of disrespect for Mr. Simonet and when he taught his class.
In the film Trevor never had respect for his mom, when she was drinking, he showed her lots of disrespect.
Mr. Simonet
had lots of empathy for Trevor because he didn't have a proper dad.
Is for Optimism
Trevor's mom forgave her mom for not being there for her when she was growing up.
Mr. Simonet forgave Trevor's mom for being a bad mother.
Trevor forgave his mother for making a mistake and going back to his dad after he left them alone before.
At the end of the movie Mr. Simonet and Trevor's mom where grateful to have each other.
Trevor hoped that his plan of paying it forward would spread all across the world so he could see it in action.
Is for Join
In school Trevor always demonstrated kindness to Mr. Simonet and other students that were nice.
Is for Limit.
Jerry-Jim Caviezel
Grandma- Angie Dickson
Dad- Jon Bon Jovi
Reporter- Jay Mohr

Trevor always felt neglected as a kid, that is why he doesn't like seeing other people feeling neglected.
Homeless people were neglected by society which is why Trevor decide to do something about it.
In the movie Trevor was optimistic that his plan to change the world would work.
Why did the author feel that to end the movie right Trevor had to die to prove a point.
In the film Trevor showed respect for homeless people by not judging them.
Is for Trust.
In the movie, Jerry the homeless man had to trust Trevor in order to be helped.
Is for Valiant
Trevor was valiant by showing he could take his idea to change the world and put it into action
Everyone in Trevor's
social studies class was valiant for Trevor and supporting his plan.
Trevor is wise to think of such a world wide chain linking plan.
In the movie Pay It Forward, Trevor showed a zeal for changing the world.
Is for Unbounded.
Is for You
Is for Zeal.
Is for Wisdom.
Trevor knew his plan was unbounded because it could effect every on in the world.

Mr. Simonet hoped everyone would continue pay it forward in Trevor's foot steps, making it unbounded.
Trevor had trust in his mom for her to quit drinking and to make a difference in their lives.

The setting of the movie pay it forward takes place in...
Las Vegas
Trevor's house
Trevor's school
The dump
The casino
Is for Information.
The title of the movie is Pay It Forward
The author is Jeffery Jones and published by Steven Reuther Peter Abrams.
The film was released in 2000.
The actors and actresses are...
Haley Joel Osment
Helen Hunt
Kevin Spacey
Jon Bon Jovi
Angie Dickson
Jim Caviezel
Trevor didn't know there was a limit on trying to change the world and how people would react to his idea.
Once Trevor stuck up for his friend that was being bullied he realized there was a limit to changing the world.
When Trevor's class first started the social studies project no one but Trevor showed optimism.
At the end of the movie Trevor's plan had spread all around the world.
Is pay it forward a real around the world?
Trevor had a lot of respect for Mr. Simonet as a teacher and a dad.
Pay it forward
The movie is showing us that Pay it Forward instant just up to Trevor that it is up to you to continue pay it forward and help it spread further.
In the end of the movie every one joined together to support Trevor's family in there loss.
Everyone has to join together to make Trevor's plan of paying it forward work.
Arlene Mckinney
was lucky to have such a wise and smart creative son.
Is for Exaggerate.
Trevor was interviewed by a reporter to make his plan exaggerate.
Through the movie Trevor was trying to make his plan exaggerate and to spread it around the world.
When Trevor was being interviewed he explain to everyone that we (you) are the ones that need to help him accomplish his goal.
When Trevor passed people finally she zeal for Trevor's plan.
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