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All about Massachusetts in colonial time period.

Founder, Reason Founded, Religion, Economy, Colonial Religion, Daily Life, Government

Tyler Schmitt

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of All about Massachusetts in colonial time period.

By: Tyler Schmitt Massachusetts
Colonial Time Period The year Massachusetts founded in
was between the years of 1620-1630 The Year Founded The founder of Massachusetts was a Puritans named John Winthrop. Founder Reason Founded Puritans and pilgrim's wanted religious freedom so they started a new life in the new world. Christian was the most popular, then Catholic, after that is Baptsit, finally is Episcopal Religion Masschusetts established a mint, producing a colonila currency, the "Massachusetts Pound," beginning in 1652. Economy The government was consisted of royal, proprietary, democratic, and self-governing. Government Founded in 1620-1630
Founded by John Winthrop
They wanted religious freedom
They made a mint
They had multiple governments
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