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Holocaust Survivors

8th Grade ELA 2013

Cassie Harris

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Holocaust Survivors

True Stories of Children
in the Holocaust Survivors Hope This book has 8 different stories of people who lived in the holocaust and survived. Background Information Time Capsule "I am somebody!" Significant Quote Survivors Book Cover Credits Authors: Allan Zullo
Mara Bovsun Prezi Made By: Cassie Harris http://i43.tower.com/images/mm100198893/survivors-true-stories-children-in-holocaust-allan-zullo-paperback-cover-art.jpg http://hotsparklypink.edublogs.org/files/2010/03/cherry-tree.jpg Cherry Tree This represents hope to me because in the book when the blossoms on the cherry tree have bloomed they knew they would be fine. Most of the stories in this book take place in Poland and in other places of Europe. Poland Map http://www.lonelyplanet.com/maps/europe/poland/map_of_poland.jpg Survivor Bio I think some of the people would want
to put a picture of their family in a time capsule so that they can remember the happy times before the Holocaust. Picture of The Family http://www.ushmm.org/photos/63/63921.jpg Names? George and Ursula Levy (brother and sister)
Parents? Lucie and Max Levy (dad died in 1938 and mom died in 1942)
Where did they live? In Lippstadt, Germany before the Holocaust
Ages? George was 8 and a half and Ursula was getting ready to turn 4. (This was right before the Holocaust.)
More Information? In 1939 they were sent by their mom to a safety international effort called the Kindertransport. This took them as well as many other Jewish children to Holland. Then in March 1943 they had to be sent by the government to Camp Vught. Then sent to Camp Westerbork in October 1943. Then on April 23, 1945 they were free. I feel that this quote would have been very important for many Jews. For them this quote meant that they were human and they weren't animals or anything else. They thought that they were nothing because they were treated like they were nothing during the Holocaust. So I think that this quote gave them hope that someday the war would end and they could then get part of their life back but, their lives will never be the same as they used to be before the Holocaust. The Book Survivors
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