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Shereen Bassiouni

on 12 October 2015

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Transcript of white

Meaning & Symbolism?
• Relaxation
• Serenity
• Peace
• Purity
• Clearness
• Innocence
• Cleanliness
• Freshness

"New Beginning"
"The Good"
Bride's dress
virginity and purity

innocence and purity.
"The Good"
Figure 8.
Tian Yi (MXD The Graduates, n.d.)
Figure 7.
Untitled ("Friday Fashion:J. Mendel Spring 2014"
Figure 6.
Angelina Jolie ("Fashion Gone Rogue", 2014)
Figure 5.
Pope Francis (Fleming, 2013)
Figure 4.
2014 Elie (Nelson, 2013)
Figure 2
. Flag of India ("All About India", n.d.)
Figure 3.
Flag of Lebanon ("About Lebanon), 2012)
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Figure 1.
Shades Of White ("Shades Of White Paint Colors", 2015)

While there are very few negative connotations to white, particularly in western culture:

too much white can be

and emptiness

It implies a feeling of sterility, detachment and disinterest, providing little stimulation for the senses.
Or even for death...

1. In many Asian cultures, white is also the colour of mourning.

2. Also the widows of kings dressed in white rather than black as the color of mourning
Some religions
in Inida
and Bangladesh
Mary Stuart
wore white to
her Husbands
funeral - King
Francis II of
France in 1560
White is a color with no color..

White contains an equal balance of all the colors of the spectrum, representing both the
positive and negative aspects of all colors
Having a personality color white means you are
and immaculate in your
, in the
presentation of your home and in your car, almost
to the point of being fanatical.

On the practical side:
You are far-sighted, with a positive and optimistic nature.

You are self-sufficient, shy and a loner

You are well-balanced, sensible, discreet and wise.

Neglect any concept of impulsive behaviour due to the deal of self control.
Even more deep..
- Some tend to be very critical of themselves and others (in their need for perfection) - but may appear to be fair and impartial as well.

- Or even some believe that white reflects a simplicity in their life - perhaps a wish to re-create your childhood, lost youth and happier times in your past life.
*If you watched the Harry potter series you had good childhood*
Brief History
*Don't die of boredom yet pls*
With a personality color white, you are cautious, practical and careful with money.
You have impeccable standards of
and hygiene and you expect others to adhere to your high standards.
You are confident, poised and self-assured when at your most positive, but can also be very choosy and fastidious when the mood strikes.
Atlantean times
In Atlantean times, mental, physical and emotional
illness was treated
with the colours which radiated from crystals and gems mainly
white jade
. They would use these mineral deposits in a '
healing room
' - according to the author Frank Alpen and his research, in the lost City of Atlantis this was taken in the '
Great Healing Temple
Egyptian period:

In ancient Egypt, white was connected with the goddess Isis where the priests and priestesses of Isis dressed only in
white linen
, and it was used to
wrap mummies

Egyptian cotton was generally cream coloured, but white cloth was
highly prized

The name of the holy city of
meant "White Walls."
Roman era:

A plain white
, known as a toga virilis, was worn commonly by all Roman
(and Greek)
citizens over the age of 14–18.

In ancient Rome, the priestesses of the goddess Vesta dressed in white palla robes and viels, that represented
purity, loyalty, and chastity

Most importantly the Romans and
had their Art thrive in white whether it being a
, paintings and of course their
of residential buildings to religious monuments.
The Middle Ages and the Renaissance
White symbolizes Purity, virginity, innocence and virtue. It also symbolizes holiness and is the Christian color for all high Holy Days of the Church Year, especially the seasons of Christmas and Easter.

Since white was such a sought as a delicate achromatic color, only those specifically in the religious field such as saints, bishops and priests commonly wore white since it was a symbolic color of transfiguration.

Those who wore 'clear' white clothing mainly in the renaissance period (that weren't affiliated with religion) were perceived as wealthy - mainly in dresses for the women.

*lol jk*
can you like not
18th and 19th centuries
During this period time White was the dominant color of architectural interiors in the Baroque period and especially the Rococo style.

Church interiors were designed to show the power, and wealth of the church. The interior design seemed to be alive, 'filled with curves, asymmetry, and mirrors, unified by white'.
How's it's used briefly in Interior Design
White is the most commonly used especially in areas where 'bathing, cleaning and food preparation are prevalent'. This is because perception of the objects is very good since you can see anything that appears on white.

This is why white is very commonly in the modern day era, to represent cleanliness/good hygiene and simplicity to complement the surrounding environment carefully without contrasting heavily against the colors.
White is also used to create an airy appearance, quiet and pure.
If in a room is used on walls, furniture or floor, white may give the impression that it is much higher than it is and can give an invigorating freshness.
This is because white reflects all other colors so it will give the impression the space given is expanded slightly.
However on the other hand, other regions of the world view the achromatic colour differently.

Such as parts of China or Japan where white is the traditional color of
, the psychological effects would be quite different, and they would prefer to have as little white color as possible around their home. This is also because they view the color as cold and spacious, which can be upsetting and irritant.

Western Prespective
Nevertheless there are by using different shades of white, the psychological properties can behave more positively since it can compliment the other color carefully.

Such as in Magnolia which is a warm white, yellow-based color can produce the same psychological properties as white but enhance it's warmth in effect.
Despite the same positive attributes as white originally, it can allow the environment to feel more warm and comfortable, therefore feeling less alert or isolated.
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