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Conventions in Myths and Epic Tales

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Machaia McClenny

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of Conventions in Myths and Epic Tales

Conventions in Myths and Epic Tales
Extended Simile
Also known as an epic simile - a smile developed over several lines of verse, especially one used in an epic poem.
Circle Stories
Story begins and ends in the same place with the hero having changed - also known as bookends
- Odysseus travels through many trials to reach his home
-Hercules must complete 12 tasks to gain freedom
Not just literal - the character usually experiences emotional and mental growth
The Odyssey by Homer
The attackers struck like eagles, crook-clawed, hook-beaked, swooping down from a mountain ridge to harry smaller birds that skim across the flatland cringing under the clouds but the eagles plunge in fury, rip their lives out--hopeless, never a chance of flight or rescue--and people love the sport-- so the attackers routed suitors headlong down the hall, wheeling into the slaughter, slashing left and right and grisly screams broke from skulls cracked open-- the whole floor awash with blood.
Beowulf has three separate quests throughout the epic poem:

1.) Killing Grendel
2.) Destroying Grendel's mother
3.) Defeating The Dragon
The Quest
A search or pursuit made in order to find or obtain something
Twelve Labors of Hercules
1.) Nemean Lion
2.) Lernaen Hydra
3.) Ceryneian Hind
4.) Erymanthian Boar
5.) Augean Stables
6.) Stymphalian Birds
7.) Cretan Bull
8.) Mares of Diomendes
9.) Belt of Hippolyta
10.) Cattle of Geryon
11.) Apples of Hesperides
12.) Cerbeus
The Hero's Task(s)
Usually superhuman or impossible feat(s) that accomplishes a goal
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