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What can artifacts tell us about the past?

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Clea Westenberg

on 31 August 2014

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Transcript of What can artifacts tell us about the past?

What can artifacts tell us about the past?
What artifacts would represent modern culture?
If a future civilisation wanted to know more about the people living in the 21st Century, what types of artifacts would they find?

Would we be proud to leave behind all of the things that represent our material culture?
Happy Artifact Making
What is an artifact?
An artifact is an object made by a human

It can be a tool, a cooking utensil, a piece of jewellery or a sculpture, to name a few

These artifacts tell a story about the person who made them and the culture they come from
Ancient Roman coins. What do they tell us about the past?
Why are artifacts important?
Artifacts give us clues about the lives of the people who used them

This is important for understanding as much as we can about people living in ancient civilisations

Written records are usually sparse, lost, destroyed or non-existant

Artifacts represent the material culture of the time; things that were used widely in the daily lives of people living in a particular time and place
Now it's your turn!Creating an artifact
Use the library resources to research
ancient Roman art, artifacts and architecture.

Choose something of particular interest and think about how you might re-create it.

Consider the things you will need to
make it such as paper, glue, clay,
papier Mâché
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