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Katie Torrence

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Characters Song of Una Bhan Oh Una Bhan Setting Una Bhan MacDermot was the daughter of an Irish nobleman called Biran Og MacDermot.
Brian was the chieftain of a Celtic kingdom called Moylurg
Una Bhan was a lovely lass, with flowing blond hair Tomas met Una Bhan and fell in love. He asked her father Brian for permission to marry her. Brian refused. He banished Tomas and imprisoned Una on an island
Una Bhan sank into a love induced depression. Tomas went to her and ask her to marry but she had to ask her father
Brian sent a letter but the water rose so the letter never got to Tomas and so he never returned
Una Bhan died of grief over her lost love and Tomas swam to her grave every day and stay there until night
He contracted pneumonia and requested to be buried with Una Bhan. Brian agreed.
Years later, two trees grew over their graves, entwined in a lover's knot. The Legend of Una Bhan and Tomas Costello Tomas wrote a poem beside Una's grave. It turned into a traditional Irish requiem
It has been Changed, transposed, and rewritten throughout the years O fair Una, ’tis ugly, this lying upon you
On a high, narrow bed among a thousand corpses;
If your answering shout does not come to me,
o stately woman who was always without fault
I will not come to this town ever again, but for last night and tonight.

O fair Una, you were like a rose in a garden,
And you were a golden candlestick on the queen’s table;
You were a melody, and musical, when you walked the road before me,
‘Tis my sorrowful loss of the morning that you were not married to me.

I passed through my friends’ town last night,
Yet I found nothing with which to cool or wet my mouth;
The graceful girl, glum and with madder on her fingers, said,
Thrice woe is me, that I did not meet you Works Cited Brianna Igbinosun and Katie Torrence 03 Tomas Laidir Costello was of the MacCostellos, a family of nomads
He was a poet who settled near Moylurg, and he was renowned for his strength and courage Una Bhan Tomas Costello What Happened The story took place in Ireland on Castle Island, in Lough Key
It took place in the 1600's
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