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One Thousand and One Nights

For English.

Sarah Graber

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of One Thousand and One Nights

By Sarah Graber The Thousand and One Nights Brief Summary Themes: Feminism Themes: Good vs. Evil Modern and Relevant? Themes: Romance The Thousand and One Nights is a series of stories within a story. The stories are told by a woman named Shahrazad to her husband, the sultan. She tells him one story every night, ending in a cliffhanger so he does not grow bored and decide to kill her (which he had done to previous wives). Many themes are addressed in the stories, making it relevant to the modern times. Feminism is a prevalent theme in the stories. Shahrazad is an educated woman, which is uncommon for the time period. She took it upon herself to gain knowledge: she learned how to read, indulged in the sciences, was able to compose poems, etc.
During this time, it was common for men to demand their wives be submissive. Shahrazad refused. This theme is addressed in most, if not all, stories. In The Thousand and One Nights, there is more than one "evil." The "evil" can be the sultan's former wives, the sultan himself, or the greedy men in Shahrazad's stories. The "good" can be the strong women introduced in Shahrazad's stories and the faithful husbands. Many of the stories have happy marriages, involve falling in love, and being happy with others' company. Also, the sultan eventually falls in love with Shahrazad because he realizes she is knowledgeable and strong. They have three sons and end up living happily ever after. Although thousands of years old, The Thousand and One Nights can still hold up with today's literature. It keeps you interested. The themes addressed are modern, which is surprising considering how old it is. Queen Shahrazad A sultan from one of the stories with his wife. He beheads her when he finds out she had a conversation with another man. Sinbad the Sailor plots to kill the giant that ate his crew. Lovers perish in a fire after the man's father finds them together. الن The end.
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