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The Recruitment

No description

Cristiano Smaniotto

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of The Recruitment

The Recruitment
What is it?
It's a process of finding...
...the best candidates.
It's a process of finding...
Who are the best candidates

We look for people with certain characteristics who need and are willing to take the opportunities we have in our organization.
Not a treasure!
in order to do this we need to:
Prioritize expectations over competencies.
Where are we going?
We need to follow the same direction.
How can we do it?
Online promotion
You can reach a lot of people with the means that the Internet offers and it costs almost nothing (social media pages, newsletters, website, blog, etc.)
Offline promotion
A good marketing strategy provides online promotion supported by a good plan of offline promotion (not to waste the efforts you make on the Web). It includes class-shouts, info-event, flyers, poster, etc.
Once people have applied, you need to select them. The interview is a fast and rather simple mean to know someone (although the evaluation couldn't be so easy).
Discovery Days
It is the final step before newbies become finally AIESECers. It is a moment of induction, where you can see if expectations (of newbies and association) are aligned or not.
When will we do it?
The Global Competency Model
Do you remember it?
Steps towards
the best candidates
Why is it essential?
Because it is the first step in order to create something.
As a building lays on its foundations,
next story of AIESEC draws upon its members.
can assure the best members.
Choose the Change.
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