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Body Decoration

The art of the body...

Robert Fransen

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Body Decoration

Position -Body decoration is just honestly a way to express yourself as a person and nothing more than that
-Some people have body art because that is how they feel comfortable as a person
-Do not judge someone for the art that is on their body
-Get to know someone before you judge them for their looks
-Someone who is covered in tattoos could be the most amazing person but you wont ever know it because you wont get to know them because of how they look Background Information BODY DECORATION Austin Gaines
Period: #2
Presentation Date: Friday November 30th Position Continued -Piercings are just the same as tattoos, nothing more than art on the body
-People enjoy getting piercings just as they would tattoos and like the way they look
-Body decoration can also be seen as something as simple as putting on make-up
-Dying your hair, growing a mustache, or anything else could also be considered body decoration
-Even small things are considered decoration of the body like plastic surgery. Opposition -As much as people that like the idea and art of body decoration there is still people who do not like it
-People say how dangerous it can be
-It can be extremely dangerous to the younger generation as they do not care about long term effects
-It is very easy to get infections
-You never know what could happen to you
-The artist could not be paying attention and mess up and it will be permanent forever Opposition Continued -Any time you get a piercing it is inserting a foreign object into your body
-You are damaging and putting holes into your body forever
-Gauges are irreversible unless you go through plastic surgery
-People will judge and look at you differently than someone without piercings or tattoos
-It is not worth the risk or the damage that could come to you and your body -Body design started with the Polynesians of Europe with early tattoos.
-They used tattoos to describe their lives and journeys of their lives.
-Like the Polynesians early tribes used tattoos and piercings to identify their tribe or a place they withheld in the tribe.
-Tribes would also use gauges as a form of body art too.
-Now people use body decoration as a form of art and to describe them self as a person. Message To All -Body decoration is okay and nothing more than a way for people to express who they truly are
-You should not judge them for them nothing more than their personality and no their tattoos or piercings
-Everyone has a right to their own opinion but in the end it all comes down to how the person wants to look and represent them self Works Cited Page -"Google Images." Google Images. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Nov. 2012. <http://www.google.com/imgres?start=145>.
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