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Rome's Political Development

How and why the politics have changed

sarah ball

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Rome's Political Development

In 509 BC, King Tarquin the Superbus had to face a
giant scandal that he let his son rape Lucretia and threaten
her. She told her relatives they drove him out of Rome. Patrician families took power
and ruled as members of the
senate, Rome became a Kingless Republic Monarchy became Republic Republic became Empire
They were using their positions to get rich, while Rome was actually suffering and needed tax money. In 46-44 BC
Julius Caesar became dictator Empire to Divided Empire

After some thought, Emperor Diocletian decided the
only thing to do with Rome was to split the empire in half.
That way, it would be easier to manage. It was getting difficult to manage
the whole empire effectively Provinces were putting
a great financial strain on Rome

Rome needed
more growth because they needed
new regions to tax, to refill Rome's
treasury. Therefore the empire split
into East and West
Divided Rome Empire
Barbarian Kingdom The Western Roman Empire became
weaker by 400 AD Barbarian groups like the The Huns, Franks, Vandals, Saxons, Visigoths took advantage of the weakness and attacked various areas.
The Eastern Roman Empire became
the strong Constantinople and stayed
just the East Empire. Lucious Junius Brutus summoned the Senate
and had King Tarquinis and the monarchy
expelled from Rome in 510 BC The triumvirate of Julius Caesar,
Pompey, and Crassus pulled power from the Senate
and Rome's people. All the civil wars tore rome apart
and weakened it. The Second Triumvirate dissolved
after Caesar’s assassins were slain in Greece.
His death allowed Octavian to return to Rome as sole ruler Rome was now governed as an empire.
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