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Indigo Children

No description

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of Indigo Children

Nature of the Indigo Children claim
What makes Indigo Children
Rhetorical Analysis
Defies Principles of Logic
Excluded Middle
Violates Laws of Physics
Cannot be Falsified
Thoroughly Considered, Yet Evidence is Poor
Claim is Highly Improbable
Rhetorical Analysis
Description of the text
Perceptual Biases
Cognitive Biases
Scientific Adequacies
Voodoo Science
SEARCH Formula
Species of Anti-Science
Signs of Irrationalism
About the Author
Too many unsupported claims
Good reasons do not seem to be present
Same symptoms, different diagnosis
Stigma associated with disorders may have led to relabeling
It is important to accurately diagnose a disorder and be aware of what it is
Nature of the Claim
The Rhetoric of Extraordinary Claim
Has a Ph.D. from University of Sedona
Has 1000+ followers on Facebook
The Claim Being Made
Indigo Children & Adults
Children of Now
Angels on Earth
I'm Indigo!
Introduced by Nancy Tappe in the 1970’s, Indigo Children (Indigo Adults now) are gifted people with supernatural powers, and are the first generation in the next stage of human evolution that will transcend humanity.
Diagnosed with disorders
Autism, ADHD
Emotional, hypersensitive
Food sensitivities
Cases of seeing spirits
People have energy fields
Indigo Children have indigo colored energy
The children who are considered indigo have special powers
Preexistence and Past Life memories
There is a next stage in human evolution
Angels and Spirits exist
About the Book
Perceptual Biases
Cognitive Biases
Scientific Adequacies
Voodoo Science
SEARCH Formula
Species of Anti-Science
Signs of Irrationalsim
The Children of Now...
How We Can Support the Fast-Forward Evolution of Our Children and All of Humanity

by Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.
"Humanity is in a fast-forward stage of evolution. Now, and for the past several decades, children are being born into our world with various gifts and knowing."
Chapter Break Down
Chapter 1:
The Children of Now: Who Are They and Why Are They Such a Big Deal?
Chapter 2
: Categories and Traits of the Children of Now
Chapter 3
: How Do We Know What's Real and What's Imagination?
Chapter 4
: Autism, ADD, ADHD, and More
Chapter 5
: The Drugging of the Innocent
Chapter 6
: The Perfect Storm: How We Are Creating a Generation of Murderers and Sociopaths
Chapter 7
: GMO's, Our Environment, and Our Mutating World
Chapter 8
: Vaccines
Chapter 9
: What Can We Do for Our Children of Now?
Chapter 10
: Future World
A Little Gem Worth Sharing
Appeal to Authority
Appeal to Masses
Appeal to Ignorance
Appeal to Fear
Hasty Generalization
Slippery Slope
Begging the Question
Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc
Expectation Bias
Power of Suggestion
searched for telepathy, then experienced
Account Bias
kids having accounts of angels and spirits
past life memories
memories of preexistence
Availability Error
not observable and prediction cannot be falsified
has not opened up possibilities for other experiments and findings
does try to answer a fair amount of questions
characteristics of recent generations
addresses energy fields and auras, miscellaneous and poorly supported claims of how autism is caused, many different categories, supernatural abilities
Does not conserve the beliefs that are grounded in good reason
nonexistence of supernatural powers
State the Claim
The next stage of human evolution is upon us
Examine the Evidence
Testimonies of telepathy, seeing spirits, etc...
Alternative Hypothesis
Kids are imaginative
Have learning disorders
Parents don't want kids to be perceived as inadequate
Rate According to Criteria of Adequacy, Each Alternative Hypothesis
In next stage of human evolution involving supernatural powers
Frauds are making claims to make money
People really feel experiences, but experiences are just imagination
Possibility that Losey is aware that she does believe in energy fields, telepathy, etc...
Discusses relationship between DNA and psychic evolution and energy
Accusations of Close Mindedness
attacks on scientists and medical professionals

Reluctance to Conduct Critical Studies
may not be reluctant, but uses excuses

Search for Mysteries
discusses other worlds, fairies, spirits, and other things that do not have evidence

always getting closer to transcending stage of evolution
Effects at Limit of Detectability
only presents telepathic thoughts that cannot be disproved due to disability
vague and ambiguous
Magnitude of Effects Cannot be Increased
findings used to support claim have not advanced claim
There is Never Any Progress
Has not produced any change in the world
(Not really)
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