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Water for Life

This video will guide you throught the water on earth and some consiquenses of water pollution

Yusra Javed

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Water for Life

Water for Life Water is a colourless transparent liquid that forms in lakes rivers, oceans, etc. It is one of the basic needs of living for all plants and animals. It helps living things function parts of their bodies. (Ingestion, transport chemicals, etc. Since we need to depend on it to survive, it is essential that we conserve it for future generations. What is Water? Intro Since so many things depend on water, we need to preserve it inorder to survive. Effects of pollution will over take and affect everyone's lives. Some effects include, drinkable water shortages, dead sea life, loss of business, endangered wild life and etc. Conserving Water Availability of water on our
planet Chemical Water Pollution What is it? Chemical water pollution are harmful chemical pollutants contaminating our waters. A lot of times these pollutants come from industrial and agriculutre work Examples In industrial work, Metals and solvents pollute riveres and oceans
Pesticide spray ( Used in agriculture to control weeds, fungi and insects) can poison aqatic life
Petroleum can contaminate waters through oil spills and ship wreck which transport it This picture shows the oil spill in the Gulf og Mexico during 2010. The images producers the scene when a pipe carrying oil burst into the gulf creating a lot of pollution to the aquatic life for months before they could seal the pipe and clean up the water. This images shows pesticide spray being added to crops. Remainging of the spray may be mixed in to some body of water thus being a pollutant to it. Contamination
Sources Some examples include.... Discharge from Drilling waste (Barium)
Damaged household plumbing (Lead)
Destruction on natural deposits (Mercury) This picture shows underground damaged piping. The Fluids which are traveling through the pipes are going to mix in with a body of water. Most of the time, these fluids carry Lead, which can be a very dangerous chemical. Chemicals Contaminating water A lot of times, run off fluids which carry chemicals can end up in bodies of water. A lot of these chemicals can affect the users greatly if not prvented and taken care of Effects of Chemical Pollution Environment There may be no physical contact with natural bodies of water (e.g Swimming)
People, and animals living near bodies of water may be evacuated to cleaner areas
Plants consuming the water may die from drinking toxicated water In the future, natural bodies of water may be contaminated up to a point where...... Living Things Plants comsuming the water dying out
Fish and other aquatic life endangered or extinct from consumtion of water
Other animals which eat fish and small aquatic life getting sick Ecosystems Plants and animals which depend on animals getting extinct
Other animals which depend on these animals also dying from shortage of them Economy Water and water purifiers costing a lot more money
Shortage on seafood, and other privilages that are found in bodies of water (e.g Pearls)
All leisure uses of water being disbanded from the shortages of it
(e.g Fountains) Preventions Reducing Impacts In agricultural work, not plowing too often
reduce amount of pesticide spray and fertillizer being added to crops
Industries reducing amount of waste they dump into bodies of water Preventing Note what you pour down your drain. (Avoid paint, oils, etc)
Use enviormentally friendly products in your home (Laundry detergent, toiletries, etc)
Limit amount of chemicals being sprayed in your yard (Pesticide spray, weed out, etc.) Conserving water Turn off taps when running water is not in use (e.g When brushing teeth)
Consider buying water saving appliances (e.g 1L toilets)
Limit and take only the amount of water neede (e.g for drinking) Table of Contents What is water?
Availability of water on our planet
Chemical water pollution
Effects of Chemical water pollution
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All images from google images Conclusion To conclude, water is a basic need for living which we are abusing. From over usage of water, to the pollution in it, our actions towards the situation will impact the entire world. Apart from humans dependance of it for living and economy, animals and eco-systems will be affect greatly aswell. It contributes to all living things in the world. But there are soulutions and preventions to abusing water. Many we can do right at home. If we take care and presevre the earth's water for future generations, the world will be greatly thankful for our actions. So these are our situations and problem for water pollution, but what will you do to conserve the water for life? This picture shows a imaginative version of how the fish feel with the polluted water it is swimming in This is an image of a small river. From the polluntants in it, most if the water had turned into a brown like colour This picture shows a 1 liter toilet. It is water conserving because it uses half of the water a normal toilet would This image shows tap water running from a faucet. When the running water is not being used, it is a huge way of wasting water This image shows waste water from pipes being pured into a body of it Caption: This picture shows a creative example of what we are leaving as a water foot print
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