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The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie

No description

Joyce Gao

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie

Once a close friend of Colonel de Luce

Red hair, tall, skinny, pale

Attended Greyminister

Turned from good to bad when he befriended Bob Stanley

Responsible for the murder of Mr. Twining

Killed in Buckshaw's cucumber patch by injection of Sodium Tetrachloride
The title is the metaphor, the taste of the pie is all that matters, the sweetness of the pie is referring to the truth of the mystery and the motives of the murderer.
The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie
Kitty, Joyce, Vicky, Meghan, Janet and Camille (1-1)
Point of View: First person, used " I", shows the feelings and thoughts of the protagonist.
Uses tons of simile and metaphor.
Ophelia was betrayed by her lover,Hamlet and drowned in a lake with flowers.
Passage & Quotes
"When I thought about it for a moment-actually thought about it-I saw how foolish I had been. Why had I not realized this before? Cold-blooded murder was just one of the many things Father was incapable of."- pg 177
The murderer was foreshadowed early in the book. A tune mentioned in the book from "The Third Man" (assumed it is a show or concert, etc.) was whistled, which foreshadowed that the murder another man involved.
Suggestions on Improvement
1. Make some parts shorter and less detailed, particularly in the beginning of the book as the excess detail made it kind of slow and uninteresting.
2. The use of many nicknames made it difficult to identify which character Flavia was referring to. The amount of nicknames should be reduced.
Protagonist of the novel

Pigtails and braces

Intelligent 11 year old girl

Third and youngest daughter of Colonel de Luce, adopted into the family

Curious and imaginative

Loves chemistry, specializes in poison

Courageous (Close encounter with a corpse and found it "the most interesting experience of her life")

Crazy about solving "the mystery"

Loves traveling around with her bicycle-Gladys

Goal is to get Ph.D degree
Father of Flavia de Luce

Accused for the murder of Horace Bonepenny

Head of Buckshaw, the family's country manor home

Roman Catholic


Collects stamps
Who is the murderer?
Detective Puzzle
Significance of title:
Should it be made into a movie?
Historical Significance
3. The age of Flavia seems a bit young and does not match the knowledge she has, the adults seems less intelligent than the little girl.
5.Make vocabulary clearer,
often times we were
confused on what was what
and where things were happening.
4. Use fewer allusions
because not everyone
may not know or
understand all of them.
In this passage, Flavia is talking to her father face to face in the police station. The inspector suspects her father and isolates him away from Flavia. This passage shows the feeling and thoughts of Flavia toward her dad's innocence. It shows the love and trust Flavia have toward her father, She believes in her father.
Short Story Terms
1. Madeline ran in the Vancouver City marathon with one of the innocent woman.
2. Amelia considered being a farmer before she moved to the city.
3. Candy is a topnotch computer consultant and wants to install Ingrid's new computer next week.
4. The murderer had her leg amputated last month.
6. Jenine has been in seclusion since the crime
7. Madeline used to drink heavily.
8. Candy and Ingrid build their computer together.
9. The murderer is Jenine's sister. They grew up together in Seattle.
5. Ingrid met Jenine for the first time 2 months ago.
Daphne in the greek myth was loved by the god of son,Apolo, she refused Apolo's love and turned into a Bay laurel tree.
By: Alan Bradley
Time: 1950s
Place: Bishop's Lacey, England
Colonel de Luce's factotum (employee that does all kinds of work)

Survived two years in a Japanese prisoner-of-war camp, followed by thirteen more months of torture, starvation, malnutrition, and forced labor on the Death Railway between Thailand and Burma

Loyal to Colonel de Luce
About the Author
Alan Bradley is a Debut Dagger Award winner best known for his
Flavia de Luce
series. He was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He started off his writing career by joining several writing groups and began spending time with local writers. The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie has won multiple awards and is built off the first chapter of the book, which earned the 2007 Debut Dagger Award.
ummm...hey janet
Yes, we think "The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie" should be made into a movie because it has a descriptive plot and climax, as well as intriguing characters.

hi joyce

i was gonna make this a chat box, lol
CHAT BOX *rmb to delete this after*
yay we think alike lolol
sure, if u want
kitty...how come flavia looks like a

should i add more characters?
i still dunno the significance of title

i dont want them to see the answer of the puzzle thing...i will make it abit smaller
and we dont hv to include the puzzle...if u guys dont want
who is doing symbol???
Flavia refers to her idol, Sherlock Holmes in the beginning of the novel
i just added it because ms. ferraro always asks for symbols
kitty, what r u doing?? lol
Inspector Hewitt
i think kitty did that
btw are the pictures of colonel de luce and dogger from phoenix wright?! looks familiar
it's just these people came into mind when i read it
kitty, where is ur other passage
Horace "Bony" Bonepenny
The murderer of Horace Bonepenny

Friends with Bonepenny

Previous friend of Colonel de Lucy

Disguised himself as Frank Pemberton and fibbed to be writing a book on different houses
Frank Pemberton (Bob Stanley)
On the case of the corpse in the cucumber patch of Buckshaw

Omg...this is the series of detective conan
*Stavanger, Norway IS a real place
*Penny Black stamps were really the world's first adhesive stamp used by Great Britain.
*A jack snipe is a migratory bird found in Europe.
*Young Queen Victoria's story was true.
- Flavia sometimes acts above of her age, unrealistic.
can i put this as bonepenny?
Harriet- Flavia's mother who passed away, she is referred to Harriet the Spy.
"Here we are,Father and I, shut up in a plain little room, and for the first time in my life having something that might pass for a conversation. We were talking to one another almost like adults; almost like one human being to another; almost like father and daughter.And even through I couldn't think of anything to say, i felt myself wanting it to go on and on until the last star blinked out."-pg 191
-Some parts being unnecessarily descriptive.
-Unclear vocabulary
(some of us were confused on where/what 'Bishop Lacey's' was)
fix the order of the slide
after we are done
i 'm so gonna take a screen shot of the chatbox when we are done this
The chatbox has more stuff than what we have just did haha
A LOT of magic was mentioned near the climax of the book, foreshadowing that the murder has something to do with the magic, or the people involved with magic the past
imagine we forget to delete this and it shows while we present
omg it'd be okay cause we wont show this part..
what if we zoomed out and then everyone saw it
part 2
The conversation Flavia and her father have in the jail is a completely new experience for her.Her father no longer treats her as the naughty kid who doesn't know anything but equal begins talking to each other seriously. Flavia is enjoying the fact that her father is treating her as a matured person and is opening his heart to her.
People, if u messed up, just click "undo" on the top left
-A variety of different personalities
-Lots of plot twists
i won't mess up though, cause i'm
Crime Fiction
Ophelia "Feely"
Daphne "Daffy"
"Unless some sweetness at the bottom lie, who cares for all the crinkling of the pies"-pg 223
Jack Snipe - Symbolizes Flavia's father, who was nicknamed "Jacko" as a child.
Flavia's seventeen year old sister

Only daughter of Colonel de Luce that saw Harriet, their mother

- characters are well-rounded
The Pie - it symbolizes the whole mystery. The
pie crust symbolizes what seems to be the obvious, the "outer shell" of the mystery,
which points to Flavia's father as the murderer.
However, the pie filling is the more hidden
parts of the murder, which is all the deep details that fill in the missing pieces to the crime. The
"sweetness" at the bottom of the pie
symbolizes the final details of the murder,
who did it, how they did it, and their revealing
of their motive.
Flavia's thirteen year old sister

Wants to become a writer

Loves to read
The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie: Summary This story takes place in the summer of 1950 at the English village of Bishop's Lacey. The de Luces, who are the aristocrats of the village, reside in an old mansion named Buckshaw. Flavia de Luce, an eleven-year old chemist prodigy, is the third daughter of Colonel de Luce. It all starts when one day their housekeeper, Mrs. Mullet, finds a dead jack snipe with it's beak piercing a stamp outside the kitchen door. Flavia's stoic father gives an unusually extreme reaction to the sight when they go to look. Later that day, Flavia sneaks down to her father's study to investigate the noise she heard from her bedroom window. She finds that her father is caught up in some sort of argument with a stranger and picks up on something that may pertain to her father being a murderer. But before she could hear anything else, her father's factotum, Dogger, discovers her and sends her back into her room. The next morning, Flavia goes outside for a walk only to find a man lying in the cucumber patch. After walking up to inspect him, he breathes out “Vale” (meaning 'farewell' in Latin) before expiring. She calls Dogger out to check if the man is really dead and after validating this, they call the police. Soon after that, Inspector Hewitt and two other detectives arrive at the scene. Flavia becomes angry for being treated like a child, which encourages her to find the killer herself. Throughout her investigations, Flavia finds two stamps inside of the dead man's luggage. And upon arriving at home, Flavia's father is gone and had been taken in by Inspector Hewitt because he was accused of murder. Flavia goes to see her father at the jail and after talking to him, she finds out that the two stamps in her possession are both rare and stolen. The stranger that died in the cucumber patch was an old friend of her father's, and goes by the name Horace Bonepenny. Bonepenny, thinking that Flavia's father was rich, tried to blackmail him into buying the two stamps by bringing up the death of their school headmaster, Mr. Twining. Bonepenny had stolen the two stamps from King George and Dr. Kissing along with his accomplice, Bob Stanley. Eventually, Flavia finds out that Bob Stanley was responsible for the murder of Horace Bonepenny. Unfortunately, Bob was aware that Flavia knew and abducted her, forcing her to tell him of the location of the two rare stamps. Flavia lies about where she hid the stamps, causing Bob to get angry and threaten to kill her. To her luck, Dogger had seen Bob lurking around Buckshaw and follows him, thinking that Bob had a connection to Flavia's absence. Dogger uses an old car to ram into the pit shed to rescue Flavia. Bob Stanley is arrested and Flavia's father was proven innocent. Flavia sends the missing stamp back to King George.
- the mystery is well thought
never forget
-Relates to real life
-Shows feelings and thoughts
of the protagonist
_(:3_\ /_)_
1. Murderer had her leg amputated, so it can't be Madeline.
2.Jenine has been in seclusion so it means he wasn't the one who died.
3.Murderer is Jenine's sister so it can't be Ingrid/Jenine as she met her two months ago for the first time.
4.Jenine and the murderer grew up together in Seattle, so Amelia can't be the murderer because she was a farmer.
5. So Candy is the killer.
things in orange
means not sure about the information
If you are the detective......WHO is the Killer?
There are 5 people. One of them shot and killed one of the other five. Which woman is the murderer?
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