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8 Steps to Nirvana

No description

Matie Killips

on 16 August 2013

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Transcript of 8 Steps to Nirvana

8 Steps to Nirvana
Step 2: Right Intention
To avoid harming others
To intend good will and positive life
do not think or act cruelly
live life with kindness in one's soul
Step 3: Right Speech
It is the first step towards moral discipline
Talk minimally, when necessary
Do not lie, speak harsh words against others or gossip
Words are important in the attitude one takes towards all other life (including oneself)
Step 4: Right Action
The first physical step towards enlightenment
Malicious action leads to malicios thought
Do not kill or commit suicide
Never intentionally harm others
Stealing, lying and sexual misconduct are prohibited'
Act kindly and compassionetly
Step 5: Right Livelihood
Refers to earning a living in a respectable manner
Work should not be shady or harmful
Unallowed occupations include: dealing weapons, sodomy, working in meat production, selling drugs
Step 6: Right Effort
If you don't try, you can't succeed
Negative energies can be used to fuel positive ones
Stay out of bad dealings
Avoid negative temptations, leave negative parts of your life, and sustain positive ones
Step 7: Right Mindfullness
The ablility to see things as they are with clear conciousness
Don't be quick to judge
Don't past experiences skew your vision
Control your thoughts
Step 8: Right Concentration
All aspects of your mind can be pointed at one entity
Concentrate on pure, healthy and positive things
On this step, all previous steps are unified
Step 1: Right View
To see and understand things as they really are
To understand Karma and Karmic conditioning
Right View comes from within your own mind

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