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Individual Development

No description

Erin Misegades

on 8 March 2016

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Transcript of Individual Development

4 Phases
Prepare to Plan
How do I want to develop and grow?
Verb + Noun + Timeframe

What are the natural time markers?
Semesters, Tours, Milestone dates

half marathon
February 1

professional writing skills

Federal Budget Process
March 31
Where am I now? Where do I want to go?
Where do I want to be or do more of?
Where don’t I want to be or do as much?
What options are out there for my future job?
What’s changing?
What do people need from me?
What else should I explore?

Create the Plan: Goals
Create the Plan: Timeframe
Check your timeframe - is it realistic?

When is something needed from me?

When do I want to have something accomplished?

What else do I have going on?

Create the Plan: Activities
What will you do to accomplish this development?

Training classes - instructor-led or web-based
Job/Project assignments
Shadowing/Observing experts
Research or self-study
Internships, apprenticeships
On the job training
Conversations/interviews with incumbents
Group interaction and involvement
Finalize the Plan
Manage the Plan
Create an official plan
Go after the development opportunities
Assess what you did or didn’t gain
Check-in with yourself and your manager
Re-evaluate your goals and the situation around you
Adjust your plan as needed
Build the next plan
Individual Development
Where are you going?
Talk it Over
Mentor, supervisor, trusted peer
What other insights do they have?
Did they bring up anything you had not yet considered?
Come to Mutual Agreement
Does the timeframe work for everyone?
Which development goals or opportunities require support from others?
Are there any obstacles you may need help overcoming?
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