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Venice Italy

No description

Niki Walden

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Venice Italy

Double click anywhere & add an idea Venice Italy Home St. Mark's Basilica is a great Italian monument. It was built in honor of the apostle Mark. Its architecture is both Byzantine and gothic influenced.
Doge's Palace The Doge's palace is another symbolic landmark in Venice. It serves as the Doge's home, the seat of government, as well as the palace of justice. It exhibits Venetian gothic architecture. The Rialto Bridge St. Mark's Basilica The Rialto Bridge is one of the most famous bridges in Venice. It is a popular tourist site as well. Hotel The Abano Ritz Hotel Terme seems like it would be a great place to stay while touring Venice. The cost of staying for one week in a single room there would be 637 euros. Gondola Rides Piazza San Marco It is the main square in Venice. It holds the Basillica, restaurantes, cafes, churches, and political buildings. Typically, St. Mark's square is very busy with people everywhere. Murano Murano is known for its glass. It is home to a glass making museum as well as many shops. Here is an example of Venetian glass in Murano. Lido Lido is an island near Venice between the lagoon and the Adriactic Sea. Its main attraction is the public beach. Things to Pack:
Pass Port
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