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Economic Policy

No description

Destinee Castillo

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of Economic Policy

Strategy Recommendation

Economic Policy
Destinee Castillo
T. Tillotson
Dual Credit Government
Important Legislation
Emergency Banking Act- helped create Federal Deposit Insurance
Federal Reserve Act- system of banks
Monetary Act- gov. control of banks
Riegle-Neal Interstate Banking & Branching Efficency (1994)- eliminates barriers to nationwide bank branches & revise International Banking Act of 1978
America Recovery & Reinvestment Act (2009)- makes $ in order to spend $
Current Issues
tax on wealthy
Reform the recession
Restore middle class
Continue to minimum wage
more imports than exports
16 day Gov. shut down
Background Information
13 colonies est. independence
American agriculture eco. to industrialization
Eco. expands due to birth rate & immigration
Trade boost eco.
Economic Growth
Full Employment
Stable Prices
Tools & Strategies
American Innovation
Promote entrepreneurship
Promote capital market
economic growth
Inflation- rise in prices
Deflation- fall in prices
Fluctuation- irregular increase & decrease in number
Stagflation- rise in unemployment & inflation
Positive Economic- description, explanations & facts of economic status
Normative Economic- subjective & value base economic status
Recession- decline in low activity
Depression- massive decline in low level activity
What is an Economic Policy?
Policy for maintaining economic growth & tax revenue.
Why do we need it?
Think about trade, service & dollars
Eco. Growth
measured by
Shows growth rate
current unemployment rate est. 7%
unemp. indicates less distress
However, still in
keep under control
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
ex. supply of money













Gross domestic Product
GDP- market vaule of final goods & service in boundaries by nationals & foreigners
4.1 %
Gross National Product (GNP)- estimate value of production & service by citizens of country on land
recession- economic
inflation- general $ level in goods & service
deflation- general $ level in goods & service
prices can vary on situations
fluctuation- irregular & in number
Major Policy Actors
bank panic when NY bank fails, multiple collapse
Fed. Reserve Act. 16th amend. levy fed. income tax
Henry Ford assembly line & intro. to wages
Wall Street crashes
25% unemployment rate
Emergency Banking Act w/ insurance to protect against bank failure
eco. boom
Unemployment Assistance Act
Eco. Opportunity Act
Airline Dergulation
Act to control airlines
Monetary Act, Fed.
Reserve control over
bank & abide by Fed.
Reserve rules
FIRREA build the saving & loan industries
American Recov. &
Reinvest. Act (ARRA),
to increase eco. growth
Financial Regulation
Bill, Health Care Bill
U.S debt cont. increase
What caused the Great Depression?
Stock Market Crash in 1929
Bank Failure causing people to lose their money
Lack of $ to decrease in sales
"Dust Bowl" drought in Midwest
Farms failing
Vocab Recap
Debate of type of economy
Anti Federalist & Federalist
Land- agriculture & social expansion
Labor- workers
Capital- production and consumption
Entrepreneur- taking risks
Businesses- want higher efficiency,
amount of jobs
U.S. Debt
Why should it matter?
your money, your bank account & your future debt
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