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How To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

A manual of information vital to surviving the zombie uprising.

Spencer Hale

on 4 May 2013

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Transcript of How To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

How To Survive The
Zombie Apocalypse By
Spencer Hale Parasites: Leucochloridium paradoxum, toxoplasmosa gondii, Las Plagas This Is A Real Threat Virus: Rabies virus, Tyrant Virus Neurotoxins: PCP, Pufferfish Appearance The Nature Of Zombies Flesh Wounds
Mouth and hands
Blank look, no emotion
Changes with prospect of food Motor Skills Nature Cont. Skewed balance
Whether they can run is still speculative
Slow movement is wobbly
Fast movement is eratic Instincts and Mental Functions Basic instinct: To feed
Only emotion is rage
No emotional ties to any person
Nervous system does not sense pain
Self preservation instincts inhibited
Excessively violent Spread Through bodily fluid
Bite wound
Potential for airborne pathogens Step 1: Get Weapons Handguns Semi-Automatics Pump Action Rifles Shotguns Revolvers Hunting/Sniper Assault Semi Automatic Bladed Melee Weapons Blunt Step 2: Use The Weapons Be Creative SHOOT THE HEAD Step 3: Get Transporation Motorcycles For The Quick Getaway Maneuverable through tight spaces and streets with zombies
No protection if stopped Quicker firing rate
Larger clip size
Less Recoil More Stopping Power
Less Likely To Jam High Accuracy
Useless in close range against multiple zombies Rapid Fire
Large Clips
Some may have optional firing modes More Stopping Power
Allows Different Bucks Faster Firing Rate For The Quick
Death By Laceration For The Strong
Death By Trauma Fast Cars Only for areas with less crowded roads.
Generally not a good idea. Trucks / Armored Car / SUV For The Pusher Heavier, can bust through debris and zombies
Get one with frontal protection
Loud, and may attract hordes. RV For Many Things & Many People Provisions on the move
Park in vacant areas Step 4: Find Shelter Prisons Bow & Arrow/ Crossbow Reusable Ballistics Accurate if used properly
Long reload time
Can use different ammo types Throwing Knives Difficult To Learn
Lightweight The Fortified Position Bunkers / Bomb Shelters Skyscrapers Military Bases Boats / Water The Outlier Deep Forests / Open Plains Bus For Multiple Survivors
Best if driven in convoy Supermarkets The Well Supplied Factories Step 5: Stay Alive Strength In Numbers Find Other Survivors Look in likely safeholds
Use CB radios to broadcast messages
Establish connections with anyone you find Form A Group Companions can be lifesavers
Smaller groups easier to manage
Larger groups have potential to rebuild society Food Keep Resources Stocked Know where closest shops are
Go for non-perishables and water Oil & Gasoline Raid oil tankers and gas stations Weapons & Ammo Look through any weapon stores for what hasn't been taken.
Scavenge the dead. Learn to produce resources Be innovative Build weapons and useful appliances from junk parts
Find area for vegetation and farming
Determine efficient way to generate electricity Durable Fabrics You'll Need Armor, Too Zombie jaws are just as strong as human jaws
Tear-proof jackets, gloves, etc. Bulletproof vests aren't effective Zombies tend to go for limbs, head, and neck. Keep light and flexible where possible Make sure you can run. You will need that. Don't Get Bit Stay Alert Stay Ready For Anything Make sure to always know what's going on in your surroundings
Set up traps, alarm systems, security cameras, etc. Keep Fit Exercise to keep up stamina
Train to better yourself with weapons
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