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Starting with Managers Kanban

Practice-informed theory about how to start a lean/agile journey. See http://bit.ly/LKCE12-Yuval for resources

Yuval Yeret

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Starting with Managers Kanban

QA Teams Dev Teams Seeded Product Streams Self-grown Product Streams Meta Boards Personal Kanbans Product Streams QA Teams Dev Teams Personal Kanbans Other Full Kanban Team Purim Party And so the story begins... What AgileSparks typically did Kanban Teams Scrum Teams End to End Kanban System at the Epic level So what's the problem? Understanding What about Results? Challenges/Impediments Management Overhead/Scaling Monitoring Several Queues Full Kanban /
Feature Teams Where Next? An Approach to Sustainable and Sticky Agile Journeys Operational Reviews Improvement Kata Managers Coaching
towards Improvement Free Capacity via Personal Agility/Effectiveness First Full
Feature Team Experiment First Kanban Viral Spread to other Product Streams and involved technical teams Far from perfect and not certain... What is the secret ingredient for virality? Culture of openness and exploration? Management commitment to the journey? Personal Connection to Coach? Personal Kanbans Pop Up Product A Product B Product C Improvement
Framework http://agilemanagement.net/images/uploads/Kiviat-short.pdf Important!
This is Proxy/Representative Kanban Work is pulled ON BEHALF of engineers by their managers Minimum Viable Test of Change -
MANAGERs think and act
"Stop Starting start Finishing" This is a temporary change management pattern
Use it to test applicability of Kanban as well as seed the right kind of thinking ...

And then... What "Representative Product Stream Kanban" Looks like day to day Flow meetings 3 times a week
Weekly retrospective
Discovery sessions to pull Features->MMFs and review User Stories
Mainly TLs and above attend "kind of" Kanban Agenda Meeting (Don't tell them... ;-) Idea to consider: Don't even talk too much about Improvement frameworks and models up front. Even organizations that will end up Continuously Improving are not receptive to the ideas when starting Visualize Work Manage Flow Limit WIP Improve Collaboratively
using Models Make current policies explicit Implement Feedback Mechanisms Leadership - Give permission and Encourage Process Innovation from any and all team members, Managers first Job = Work + Improvement, Especially when you are a manager Applies to Scrum as well??? Therefore:
First bring flow under control
Only then start talking about approach to process improvement Typical Matrix of Products to Technological Teams Viral Spread to involved
technical teams Good baseline of Flow practices Shallow Improvement
Practice/Culture Challenging your comfort zone http://www.agilesparks.com Questions? Catalyzing improvement in technology delivery organizations in Israel and Worldwide Further Hypothesis:
Is it possible that over-emphasis on change management and the "Continuous Improvement" phase is a "turn-off" for people at the beginning of their agile journey? http://bit.ly/LKCE12-Yuval Presentation & Resources at: Starting with Product Stream Kanban http://bit.ly/LKCE12-Yuval Presentation & Resources at: Yuval Yeret
Israel Practice-informed Theory about how to start a lean/agile journey Also, get used to different style of implementation... Slower... harder to go to "immersion" mode one big spark in the beginning is not enough What do you think? What will be different? What else in your experience was an attractor for more virality? Bugs handling policy Teams using Cycle Time Control Charts to retrospect Experiments for visualizing
priority Experiment w/
ATDD Project Charter Templates Clearer initiative/strive
towards Feature Teams Continuous Integration Get rid of Stabilization lane (go Continuous) Experiments w/ ceremonies/meetings structure moving from QA board to integrated QA-R&D board Process Level Results Did we reduce the pain? 30% Reduction in perceived pain Shaky discipline around WIP Limits Successful product company in significant growth to several product lines.
Very technology intensive in multiple different disciplines.
strong people.
Successful product company in significant growth to several product lines. Very technology intensive in multiple different disciplines. strong people. Fortune 500 customers. After a few weeks Already observing Stop Starting Start Finishing Thinking Limit WIP Viral Spread When is it best to move beyond this pattern? Management Understanding
and drive for flow Capacity to manage and improve flow Elevating one constraint...

unravels the next one... Option 1 - Starting with Epic-level Kanban What's good? What's missing? Option 2 - Starting with Cumulative Flow Diagrams What's good? What's missing? Less resistance - Report on existing data Safety in seeing where we are going (not just a snapshot) not actionable enough at a discrete level like "average" chart versus "control chart" hard to see inside complex workflows More natural to managers Easier to create and manage Opportunity to start managing flow doesn't deal with internal flows not very actionable --> people give up on it might be good to complement internal flows but on its own not enough slow flow--> slow learning/training Another way to look at this? Managers Kanban makes you aware of the constraints of your Analytic mindset, pulling towards a more Synergistic one. #RightShifting http://flowchainsensei.wordpress.com/rightshifting/ w/o Empowerment/Delegation... Product A Product B Product C Key Takeaways about the Pattern When to use When to STOP using Intent Variants/Alternatives Start from CFD Start from Epic Kanban Fast Learning/Training of MANAGERS about Flow Fast learning whether Managers can lead flow Ease into Kanban "Management is the biggest impediment" Not Supportive Enough at the Start Not enough Stickiness Big Bulk of Changes up front The Kanban Method is about starting SMALL...
so what's the problem? So how about starting with just the Managers? Visualize + Manage Flow Want to hear about Option 3?
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