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sumyu chen

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of b.o.s.s

Included Excluded Using Electronic
Devices Eric.P Carol. L
Lucas.W Cecilia.C -Interview stakeholders such as
teachers and expert
-Logos used (BON, LIVE)
-Name Tag
-Headlines at the bottom
-Reporter is professionally dressed
-Serious tone
-Opening and ending -Camera Angle
* Eye level

-Eye Contact
* News reporter
* Interview reporter
* Interviewee Ideological -Portraying an idea to the
- No advertising
- Not concerned with politics. Ms. Walters Are electronic devices benefitial
or harmful to students? Thanks for watching! The reason of choosing this topic what do we do to make the video more realistic? Technique Interview - Electronic devices become more and more portable.
-Students can afford them and bring them to school
-School begins to use electronic devices as a teaching tool also
We want to investigate the increasing use of electronic devices would adversely affect the learning quality of students or not Interview Professor
- scientific view
- More professional
- Let audience know about the negative
impact of technology devices. The Message Electronic devices
have several bad
effects on
students First, If student use them inappropriately in lesson
time, they would be distracted Second, even if they use them appropriately on lesson time, their eyes would be damaged. -Students who are using
electronic devices.

- professional speech. -classes that do not
involve technology

-student use technology
devices (for class or
entertainment) -The teacher of the class which is
using electronic devices.
-Knows what her students use them for Mr. Kumar - Teacher who in charge of the
Ipads in B.O.S.S
- knows student's demand for electronic devices
-have experience teaching with technology. Third, students' relationship
would be more distant as
they get used to
communicating through screen
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