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What to know before you Register ...

Student Registration Workshop - takes students through all the steps from choosing a major, to checking their record for holds, to registering for the right classes....

Joan Ledbetter

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of What to know before you Register ...

Before you Register, Have You.... Have you Chosen the Major you want? Have you shadowed or interviewed anyone? Have your researched it? How do you know your major? Have you talked with family/friends? Have you seen a career counselor?! How do you know it is right for you? Ferguson's Career Guide Have you declared your major? Is your major correct? http://www.fofweb.com/Careers/default.asp?ItemID=WE34 http://www.highlands.edu/site/sss-choosing-a-major Change of Major? There's a form for that... What's your Program? Have you studied "your" program?
Go to the GHC Catalog online - it's under quick links. Is General Studies boring? NO!!! General Studies gives you opportunities.... Details! ??? Look up Prerequisites! CPC Deficiencies? - do you need to play 'catch up' from high school? Have you 'learned' your Program? Do you need Learning Support classes? Figure out what courses you need, in what order to earn your degree - an advisor can help with that! HOLDS? Learning Support Immunization Business Office parking library
tuition other fees ??? Where's the Money???!! Financial Aid? Grants, Scholarships, Loans, WIA - where are you?? Do you need to be fulltime for financial aid? Do you know your financial aid status? Have you researched scholarships? Accommodations? ADD Sight Hearing Mobility ADHD PTSD Other? Dyslexia If so, see Student Support Services Classes??? Schedule Booklet Online - Course Offerings on web Look up by: Campus, subject, times, type of course.... CRN Course Registration Number - gotta know it! Prerequisite? Again, learn your program of study This is easier than the chicken or the egg - ENGL 1101 comes before ENGL 1102 - got it? Have holds? Get with an advisor... Now that you have Registered: E-mail your instructor for more info. if you are taking a DVD, web-based, or hybrid class (or just have questions). Wait - you are not done! Pay your fees. Put your class schedule in a calendar
you will use! Purchase your books and other needed materials for your classes. Invesigate resources to help you succeed - might you need a tutor in a rough class? Follow up with an advisor -
plan the rest of your course of study. Begin your Transfer planning :) Forge an academic relationship with your professor! Hurray - You are on your way to a 2nd Degree or an awesome Career! However, you do have to take math and science courses in sequence :) Have you thought about study abroad?
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