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Why Study Law & Ethics

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Keri Kreider

on 16 May 2016

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Transcript of Why Study Law & Ethics

It is a branch of study that is related to morals, principles, and moral judgments. It is a based ideal that we put others before our own self interest. It uses reason or logic to analyze problems between what we want to do and what we should do.
Utilitarianism Theory
It is the theory that is based off what the greatest good would be for the greatest amount of people. It is focused on society as a whole instead of focusing on one particular individual.
Rights-Based Ethics
This theory focuses solely on the the individuals rights. Such as the
freedom of speech, the right to due process in a case of losing their jobs. OSHA benefits this theory because it protects people from certain instances.
Why Study Law & Ethics
by Keri Kreider
Duty-Based Ethics
Virtue Based Ethics
This applies to the moral values of a person more so than the decisions or actions performed. Virtues are good habits such as honesty, fairness, and the willingness to do right by everyone.
Justice Based Ethics
This theory is describes the "veil of ignorance"
This means that everyone has a equal chance of scarce resources. This applies to organ donation and how it is organized. The recipient is always the patient in more need of an organ then it going to some one just because they are high class or have money.
This theory is to ensure that duties are being performed correctly for the patients, employees, and employers. This justifies that our actions should be done the same as anyone put in the same situation. An example is as a society of humans have to abide by the same laws. Therefore we have to keep promises to always do right or suffer consequences.
We can not be truly happy in our job if we do not carry the traits or characteristics of a good nurse, doctor, or medical assistant.
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