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Evaluation Question #7

No description

Pete Wall

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Evaluation Question #7

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? Sound Sound was a major issue that we tackled during the filming and editing of of preliminary task. For example, whilst filming a whole scene, the microphone level was so low, it appeared there was no sound at all. Also during post production we came into buzzing and noise problems when correcting audio, which really took away from the piece.

During the filming of this piece, we we're using a nikon camera with a really good internal microphone built in, therefore limiting the amount of equipment that could go wrong. We also did test shots to check audio was a good level, and also checked background noise in locations to make sure there was no problems. (We did move one scene to another completely different location, to get around background noise).

This meant sound did not need as much editing in post production, therefore no buzzing was heard. We were also complemented on clear sound in feedback. Pre - Production During pre - production I thought a lot more into the overall idea, scripting, characters and storyboards/ shooting scripts. For example we thought a lot more about how were going to be representing different characters in the opening both in good and bad ways.

For example during planning towards story and character, I tried to think a little more outside the box, rather than just the 'easy' or 'convenient' answer but something that would challenge us and also challenge the codes and conventions of the superhero genre. Production As well as the biggest area I tried to improve on (Sound, Mentioned earlier). I also tried to improve on what we did whilst we were on set. For example, camera, sound, lighting and directing.

For example when on set, I made sure to keep close to our storyboard, making sure that the person on camera got every shot that was written down, to ensure that we had everything that we needed. As well as this I made sure every shot was taken at least 2 time even if we were already happy with the clip, to ensure we had enough clips for filming.

I also tried to show the actors though my directing what we we're trying to convey through their character. Also how we were trying to represent their social group. Post - Production Since the creation of my preliminary task, I have learnt more about the post - production stage, technically but also how this impacts a lot on representation and other aspects of the product, of how the audience views the product for example.

During editing, we made decisions such as the order of the piece, what shots were picked, editing on effects which link to their character for example, this is something I did not really consider during our preliminary task.

As well as this I have more knowledge of the editing program and was able to create the music using garageband and was more able to create effects and the title cards in the piece.
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