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Deforestation prezi

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khaled hassan

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Deforestation prezi

Global Deforestation That is what deforestation looks like! When forests are cut faster than they grow, it's called deforestation. Deforestation causes erosion in the soil which makes more land slides. This is because the soil is unstable and causes the soil to fall apart. An example of deforestation is the Indonesian forest. The trees were cleared for agriculture. What is deforestation? What is the environmental problem? The environmental problem is that the trees use carbon dioxide in photosynthesis and produce oxygen, so when trees are cut, it causes the atmosphere to contain more carbon dioxide and less oxygen. This will make breathing and survival a challenge for the animals. The carbon dioxide is also absorbed by the hydrosphere (oceans, lakes, rivers, etc.) and kills the organisms living in that ecosystem. When did deforestation begin? It has been occurring since the year 1975 until now, if you think about it, that is long time! As you already know deforestation is a major issue, but it's not too late to help! We could all prevent deforestation by reducing the amount of tree products we use. Such as paper, pencils, etc. You could also stop vandalism, such as writing on desks, and graffiti. By doing this you could make a difference and slowly help make change. Where is it happening? It's happening in Nigeria, Indonesia, Bolivia, Cambodia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nicaragua, North Korea, and Papua New Guinea. Deforestation is a worldwide issue that is leading to the destruction of the biosphere. The countries above are only the major issues, but there approximately 180 out of 256 countries which also have deforestation issues as well. (1) This is an example of the Indonesian forest after deforestation This is a video of the the world's forest. It will show us how deforestation is rapidly affecting our world. Why is this happening? It's happening because the human population is growing. Therefore we need more resources. So we begin to cut down trees to get more wood to use. Then deforestation starts taking place, and the plants get exterminated as you saw in the last video. Deforestation Since deforestation is still a problem we should work
together to.... What specific damage has it done to the environment? Deforestation has Destroyed the habitats of many animals such as squirrels and birds. It has also caused many land slides and extirpation. The land slides were caused by soil erosion, which happened because there were no more roots to support the soil. The soil then became unstable and started eroding, causing more land slides. Animals got extirpated because these animals live in deforested areas, where the land slides are happening and were killed because of them. What was done to fix it? Unfortunately, deforestation is still not fixed. That doesn't mean that we are not trying to fix it. We just need to try harder until it stops. Right now we're losing 32,000 hectares of forests every day, only 3.3% of earth's surface is covered with forests. If deforestation ceased today, it would help greatly, but unfortunately, still wouldn't be enough. We have completely lost many species, both in plant and animal life; however, all is not lost. A way to stop deforestation is to do selective cutting instead of clear cutting, this way we can only use the wood of diseased trees. This doesn't only destroy less trees but it helps reduce the amount of land slides, animals get more habitats to live in, and prevents the disease from spreading to more trees. This is helpful because if the trees are diseased then the animals that eat the trees will get the disease and the disease will keep spreading throughout the whole food web. (3) Another way to stop deforestation is to recycle and reuse the wood we get. When you are using paper use both sides because if you only use one side and continue on another sheet, you would be wasting paper. Another example would be that if a shelf broke, don't throw out the wood, use the wood for other things. We can also reduce the amount we use by not breaking pencils, doing graffiti, and vandalizing. These are all ways to stop deforestation. Did succession begin? Help restore forests by supporting this company! Their company's name is TEN TREES. Succession still hasn't begun, but we can help speed up the recovery time. If we all do as what was said earlier, we can help speed up the recovery time for forests. We can also help recover the species lost because of it. We can take the endangered and extirpated species and hold them under special care. Once they reproduce enough to be able to fulfill their ecological niche, we release them back into the environment, that way they can restore quicker. We can also support the company you saw on the last video (TEN TREES) and recover forests faster! Do the math! Let's say they sell 100000 shirts every year, and they plant 10 trees for every shirt sold, 10 * 100000 = 1000000 trees planted every year! After 10 years, 10000000 trees will be planted! Imagine how fast we can recover all the forests at that rate! Watch this video on YouTube, from the start until the minute 1:38. How did people react to it? Some countries realized what they're doing and put some rules such as that companies have to make products that help rebuild the forests (TEN TREES). Another thing people realized is that they have the power to put pressure on companies that have bad environmental practices. By buying recycled or certified wood products, only supporting brands with zero deforestation policies, and getting others to do the same you send a message to companies to embrace zero deforestation policies. (3) you can also help recover forests! Here are some instructions on how to do so:
Make sure that the forest derived products you buy are made from 100% post-consumer content materials
Buy only from companies that have a commitment to reducing deforestation through an environmentally friendly purchasing policy
If you are buying products made from virgin forest fiber, make sure that it bears a seal from a credible forestry certification system, like the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Read more about the FSC and false forms of forest certification
As a consumer ask questions about how the products you buy impact the forests.
Educate your friends, family, and community about how our actions here can impact forests thousands of miles away. (3) Selective cutting:
Cutting only specific trees that are picked by the company.

Clear cutting:
Clearing out a whole section of the forest. so we should... ...because it makes breathing harder for us, causes land slides which destroy cities and kill animals, cause soil erosion, and causes global warming by increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and trapping in more energy from the sun. References:
(n.d.). Retrieved from http://maplecroft.com/about/news/deforestation.html (1)
Butler, R. (2012, 6 3). Mongabay.com. Retrieved from http://rainforests.mongabay.com/1001.htm (2)
Greenpeace. (2010, June 22). Greenpeace. Retrieved from http://www.greenpeace.org/usa/en/campaigns/forests/solutions-to-deforestation/(3) Ecological niche:
A unique role that every single species has. No species have the same niche. This is how devastating land slides are By: Khaled Hassan
Fatima Turkie

Teacher: Mr.Fernandez
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