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Media effects

No description

Emily Kyle

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Media effects

By Emily Kyle Media Effects When you watch T.V, all you see doing rough and tough stuff are boys. they are strong, athletic and never cry.
Cool To be the real cool to any Hollywood person, you gotta be skinny, good at sports, have perfect skin, be rich and/or fashionable. Girls In most commercials, the only people who do sports, or something that involves endurance, are men, and boys. When i go out to recess or watch the olympics, I see lot's of girls playing and playing hard. Any real person in the real world knows that this is not the case. you can be cool as long as you got the energy. The real Celebrities Boys The real way boys are, they don't always like sports, they can be sensitive and are always looking for ways out of school work Media shows celebrities as super-cool and perfect and can actually sing. Really, some singers sound like banshies and actors are as bad as my dog! then they put in a tun of auto tune.
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