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Why Case Western School of Dental Medicine

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Eshaan Mehta

on 7 September 2014

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Transcript of Why Case Western School of Dental Medicine

Why Case School of Dental Medicine
The Top 5 Reasons
Research Opportunities
Commitment to the community
Curriculum/Clinical Experience
My preparation for Case School of Dental Medicine
Commitment to the Community
The breadth of community service options Case Western offers to students is something that I find very attractive.

Having participated in a variety of community service activities myself, giving back is something that resonates strongly with me. One thing that stood out to me about Case is the fact that the school offers research opportunities in both access to dental healthcare services and disparities research. This is a true passion of mine so having the opportunity to engage in research of this nature is thrilling.

I am also excited that Case participates in Give Kids A Smile, Adult Prophy Day, CWRU Day of Giving, health fairs, and even community health rotations. These events will be a wonderful way to give back and will serve as a great reminder for why I desire a profession in dentistry.

Lastly, the Healthy Smiles Sealant Program is a program that I am eager to have the opportunity to engage in again. I have worked with the Healthy Smiles Program here in my own state and have had a wonderful experience working with children.The fact that I will be able to get clinical experience as early as my first year through this program is simply amazing.
by Eshaan Mehta
The size of Cleveland's population and the diversity of it's members makes it an outstanding city to learn and practice dental medicine.

The joy of interacting with people of various backgrounds is that you get to develop a more well-rounded life perspective and improve one's cultural competency.

Every person you meet is an opportunity to learn something new. The remarkable thing about dentistry is that you have this opportunity everyday!

I am confident that Cleveland specifically will allow me to gain the most from my interactions with others because of the rich diversity within the community.
Being a dental student is not easy on the wallet, so I am excited to learn that Cleveland is a very affordable city!

The money I save by living in Cleveland will allow me to make the most of my experience there and see all that Cleveland has to offer!
As a musician, visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame would be a dream come for me!

I have been a guitarist for roughly 10 years now so it would be an amazing opportunity to visit a place that pays homage to some of the musicians that have inspired me.
Research Matters
Opportunities for Research at Case School of Dental Medicine
If the people who know me best were asked to pick one word to describe me, they would likely use the word "inquisitive".

From an early age I was always curious about the world, how it works, and what I can do to improve it. Naturally, I took advantage of various research opportunities at my university to quench my thirst for knowledge and discovery.

I am extremely excited about the research being conducted at Case. The link between oral and systemic health is a topic that I feel needs to be brought to awareness. This is why I weaved this topic into the dental hygiene curriculum that I developed for the underserved through my program, Smiles with Purpose.

In addition, the research being conducted to establish the effectiveness of xylitiol in the prevention of childhood caries is important to me because of the work I have done through programs like Healthy Smiles for Kids OC.
Human Happiness
Researching human happiness was one of the most unique research experiences I have had.

My main role was to assist in the creation of surveys and experiments that would aid the lab in understanding what types of activities can illicit the emotion of happiness.

This opportunity was significant for me because I gained skills in survey and experiment creation. Later, I used to these skills to foster success in my own community dental research program.
Doctor-Patient Relationships
Smiles with Purpose
Smiles with Purpose was a community dental research program that I co-founded with a fellow board member in the Future Dentists Club.

Upon witnessing the oral health disparity that plagued my community, I took the initiative to co-found this program in hopes of improving deficient oral health.

With help from the University Honors Program that I was a part of, I was able to bring this program to life. My main goal with was to understand what barriers to oral healthcare the members of my community faced and to develop a way to reduce those barriers.

Working with students from the nearby Western University, dental care was delivered to the underserved twice a month. At these Student-Run Dental Clinics, my team and I presented oral hygiene workshops that were instrumental in enhancing the state of oral health in the community.

I am a firm believer in the idea that preventative education can be used as an inexpensive, yet effective tool to promote and maintain optimum oral health.
Now please have a look at some of the research I was fortunate enough to participate in!
One of the most interesting and applicable research experiences I possess is the study of doctor-patient relationships.

In this lab I had the opportunity to study the different dynamics of the doctor-patient relationship such as trust, verbal and non-verbal communication, and patient adherence.

Although I was studying primarily physician-patient relationships, I truly believe that I will be able to apply what I learned in a dental healthcare setting.

In fact, much of what I learned may be even more important to the field of dentistry due to the fact that many people throughout the country suffer from dental anxiety and/or phobia.

I am thrilled to be able to use what I have learned in my experience in this lab and apply it to benefit my patients in the future.
Clinical Exposure
The clinical exposure I receive is definitely at the top of my list of priorities when considering what dental school to attend.

Case offers some of the most advanced simulation labs in the world. I am positive this high-tech equipment will allow me to increase my confidence drastically before greeting my first real patient.

I also love that the preceptor groups we start in is the same group we stay in through the transition to comprehensive patient dental care. The fact that these groups operate like mini-practices is a testament to the innovative genius that I will only be able to experience at Case Western SODM.

Furthermore, having access preceptors, KaVo simulators, patient care coordinators, and my very own cubicle is extremely appealing. I have not seen many other schools offer these types of amenities. This allows me to be confident that the huge amounts of money I am paying for a dental education are being used to provide an education that will allow me to be the very best dentist I can be.

The curriculum at Case Western SODM is perhaps the most attractive feature of the school. I am astounded that the school has put in so much effort to rebuild the curriculum. The students who are lucky enough (hopefully me) to attend Case will surely benefit from it and have an edge over other dental graduates.

Speaking of having an edge, the fact that Case provides such an extensive practice management curricula is simply outstanding. Very few schools I have talked to offer practice management courses, but none even come close to the extent that Case does.

The revolutionary thing about Case's dental curriculum is the hybrid nature of the program. The school takes the best of a variety of learning formats and combines them into a harmonious plan for success. I would be honored to be a part of such a groundbreaking program and experience the R.E.A.L. curriculum for myself. The combination of Case's top-notch faculty and preceptors in conjuction with the innovative curriculum will surely allow me to reach my professional goals.

from Case, "Successful dentists are always good dentists, but good dentists aren't necessarily successful."
Truer words have never been spoken.....thus I am assured that Case will provide me the tools to not just survive, but thrive.
My Preparation Outweighs the Challenges of Dental School
My Preparation for Case Western Reserve School of Dental Medicine
Pursuing a dental education will probably be one of the most difficult tasks I will ever undertake. The rigors of a dental education cannot be overstated.

I understand why schools must be selective in which candidates they offer admission to. However, I truly believe I can not only handle the rigor, but also possess many desirable and unique attributes that will most certainly contriubte to my success in dental school.

In the following slides, I will highlight three traits that I know are very important to CWRU SODM and why I believe I possess these characteristics.
Emulates Leadership Potential
As the Programs Coordinator and later Co-Vice President, I worked dilligently to organize programs that would allow my fellow students to discover the rewarding nature of dentistry.

Dental school visits, guest speaker presentations, volunteer opportunities, DAT study groups, and constructing a portfolio of dentists willing to let students shadow are just some of the things I was able to organize to benefit everyone in the Future Dentists Club at the University of California, Riverside.
Demonstrates Service to Others
As you have seen all throughout my application, my passion for dentistry is rooted in my joy for service.

Out of all of the activities I have been involved in, my volunteer experience at CDA Cares was the most transformative. I witnessed people shed tears of joy because their smiles had been restored. Moments like this deeply resonated with me and have inspired me to keep pursuing my dream of becoming a empathic and attentive dentist. I look forward to being able to utilize my scientific and artistic talents increase the health and well-being of others.
Emulates the values, limits, opportunities, and challenges of the profession
My exposure to the field of dentistry is extensive. Shadowing was one of the best ways to learn about the field and I took full advantage of that.

I have shadowed four different general dentists and almost every kind of specialist. The reason I did this was to gain a very comprehensive understanding of the field of dentistry. I wanted to see the full range of opportunities within the field and develop a diverse perspective on dental healthcare delivery.

Each dentist discussed with me the pros and cons of the profession and taught me the importance of ethical values and honesty with patients. I am extremely grateful for the time they spent mentoring me and I greatly value their unique perspectives on the field and where it is heading.

In addition, I have completed an 80-hour structured dental volunteer program at the UCLA School of Dentistry. This program was enlightening because it showed me one dental school's approach to handling dental students and their patients. Rotating through the different departments of the dental school also allowed me develop a better understanding of that specific department's role in the delivery of dental healthcare.

These experiences in conjunction with my dental volunteer experiences have all further confirmed my desire to be a part of and enrich the dental profession.
Work Experience
One of my main work experiences involve working as a private tutor as well as a tutor for The Tutoring Solution.

Tutoring has taught me to make sure I can command information at the highest level so that I can communicate it effectively with anyone. I am sure this skill will allow me to work effectively in a group setting during a PBL session or study group.

My other major work experience was my role as a Peer Counselor. My main responsibility was to sit with students in a private one-on-one setting and gain their trust so that they would be able to open up to me. After this, I would work with my students to find a solution to whatever issues they faced. Gaining my students' trust was key in allowing me to remedy their dilemma.

Similarly in dentistry, the ability to gain your patients trust and making them feel at ease is crucial to delivering optimum dental care. I believe my work experiences have allowed me to accumulate the skills necessary to be a remarkable dental professional.
In addition, I have spent 4 years leading a group of peer mentors through the Health Sciences Partnership. In this program, I had the privilege of working with low-income high schools students in hopes of inspiring them to pursue higher education. By giving presentations as well as working one -on-one with students and their teachers, I was able to greatly enhance my leadership qualities.
My Beauties!
Evidence of Manual Dexterity
Playing the guitar is an instrument that requires a great deal of manual dexterity. Over the past 10 years I have honed my guitar skills tremendously, which in turn, has improved my manual dexterity significantly. I also play in a band that is currently recording a full length album in Los Angeles, CA. In addition, my guitars also serve as a great way to relieve stress which is important to manage effectively in dental school.
Final Thoughts
I would like to thank CWRU SODM for granting me the opportunity to interview. I have put in so much work into my application over the past 5 years so I could not be more thankful that my hard work has been recognized by my top choice school. There is so much richness and depth to my personality/experiences that it could not possibly be contained in a mere 22 slides. Nevertheless, I hope you have enjoyed this brief snapshot of my journey in pursuit of a dental education.

Lastly, I would like to state that my experience with Case Western has been top-notch. From my interactions with staff members to the testimony I have heard from recent alumni, I am convinced that Case Western will provide me with a nurturing environment and all the opportunities I need to thrive. I would be forever grateful to have my growth from a pre-professional to an outstanding, patient-centered dentist be faciliated by the Case School of Dental Medicine.

Thank you so much for your time,
Eshaan Mehta
Another form of manual dexterity I possess is my immense skill at the video game, Super Smash Bros Brawl. This is a game that requires near flawless hand-eye coordination and impeccable execution of fine motor skills to compete at the national level. At my peak, I was ranked #9 in the nation but have taken first place at numerous touraments throughout the United States. This experience has allowed me to travel the country and meet players from all around the US and even the world. My tournament winnings over the past 5 years has exceeded $15,000 which has been extremely helpful in paying for the various costs of my undergraduate career.
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