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Cinco De Mayo

No description

Sydney Kolker

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Cinco De Mayo

What foods do people eat to celebrate Cinco de Mayo? Mexican food is celebrated on Cinco de Mayo. Mole Poblano the national dish of Mexico is often times eaten.Tortillas are eaten a lot on Cinco de Mayo and families also tend to eat Enchiladas. What is the history of Cinco de Mexico won an important battle against France. Mexico gained it's independence on May 5th, 1862 and was unexpected, celebrating the battle we have a celebration every year on May 5th. What do families dress in for Cinco de Mayo? On Cinco de Mayo families dress in fancy clothing. Men wear a type of clothing called a Charro and women wear ruffle skirts and ruffle dresses. Also, families wear traditional clothing with colors including red,white,and green, the flag of Mexico's colors. What is the celebration like on Cinco de Mayo? Cinco de Mayo is celebrated most in Puebla and states that border Mexico. There are a lot of Parades that break out on the streets. Violeta and Marisol both celebrate Cinco de Mayo in different ways. This is how Marisol celebrates " On May 5th my family celebrates Cinco de Mayo. First we go to church,then we have a special dinner with all kinds of different food. We eat enchiladas, tacos, sopa, and my aunt makes a special punch that is delicious.We wear clothes that are to color of the Mexican flag, red, white, and green. We listen to ranchera music and celebrate this happy time with our family." says Marisol. This is how Violeta celebrates "My family celebrates Cinco de Mayo by having a party, eating Mexican food and dancing Mexican dances. We sing songs and a dance we like is called La Zapatiya. My mom makes tamales and enchiladas for us to eat. That is how we celebrate" says Violeta. That is how two families celebrate Cinco de Mayo. What music is listened to on Cinco de Mayo? Lots of music is listened to on Cinco de Mayo. when people hear a band called the Mariachi they get excited. Bands use instruments such as violins,trumpets,and guitars. They play Mambo and Cha-Cha songs. People enjoy listening to music on Cinco de mayo. What does art look like on Cinco de Mayo? Fiestas are very colorful on Cinco de mayo. A fiesta is a Mexican word for party. Artists weave Serapes, A blanket with bright, colorful designs. Also artists make beautiful colorful paper flowers. What Are some Fun Facts? 1. People think Cinco de Mayo is Mexico's independence day, but it is not

2. Tons of people celebrate Cinco de Mayo not just the Mexican Heritage

3. People enjoy dances performed by kids and adults

4. Kids help make Tortillas for fun I took a trip to Mexico, When I got to Mexico I was surprised by the fiesta going on, so I asked a Mexican dancer and she said it was Cinco de Mayo. She told me I should celebrate the fun filled holiday with her so I did. Today I am here to tell you about my fun filled experience in Mexico on Cinco de Mayo. My information is what I experienced and what people told me. As you can see, I had a great time in Mexico during Cinco de Mayo. You may want to know what is so important about Cinco de Mayo? It is not just celebrated in Mexico, but is also celebrated all over the United States too! I hope that next year you take part in a Cinco de Mayo celebration. Cited Sources This is a Tamales This is one of many parades on Cinco de Mayo This is the Mexican flag These are both Enchiladas This is Mole Poblano These men are wearing Charro's This is a women's ruffle dress These are Serapes This is a paper flower CINCO DE MAYO By: Sydney Kolker Mayo? Cinco de Mayo By: Kate Torpie


Www. schools.bcsd.com/ fremont/h5mayo.htm This women is wearing a ruffle dress
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