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A & S-COPD01 Co-op T-Analysis, Resume and Cover Letter Review

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Mike Tacorda

on 29 October 2018

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Transcript of A & S-COPD01 Co-op T-Analysis, Resume and Cover Letter Review

Resume Workshop
1. Identify which skills to show
2. Connect your skills
3. Tell your story with your Resume
4. Get them interested using Cover Letters
5. Summary
Why is it important to learn this?
It will help you stand out
You need it to get the jobs that you will want now & later
What does the employer want ?
Where have you developed these skills?
Perform a T-Analysis on the following:
1. Partner up
2. Say hello
3. I am interested in a job in ____________
My relevant skills to this job are ___________________
4. Pick one of your skills and tell a story about how you developed that skill
Skill - What is the skill that the employer is looking for?
E.g. Multitasking
What did you do to complete the task?
What actions did you take?
What happened as a result of your actions?
Break it down
SKILL: As a four year English graduate of the University of Toronto, I feel that I have acquired the communications skills needed for this position.
EXPERIENCE: For the last four years, I have been a reporter for U of T’s newspaper The Varsity.
RESULT: The varsity recently published an article I wrote on the problems that university students faced as a result of the substantial increase in tuition and cost of living
Name one thing that you have learned from this workshop?
Remember your cover letter is about what you can do
for them
NOT what they can do for you!
I am certain that I would make an excellent Software Developer at IBM because of my 200 hours of hackathon experience
(paragraph 2)
, my ability to conduct thorough research (
(paragraph 2)
and proven leadership skills both on and off campus
(paragraph 3)
Working in a Grocery Store
Typical Example: Stocked vegetables ensuring that proper inventory levels were available.
Achievement based Example:
Applied excellent
communication skills
by effectively
what certain products were to up to 25 customers per shift which resulted in high departmental ratings.

Creating Your Co-op T-Analysis, Resume and Cover Letter

Job Search Strategies
Michael Tacorda, CHRP
Student Development Coordinator
What are your long-term goals and how does securing a co-op placement get you closer to that goal?
Get organized
Focus now, Relax later
Schedule in time
Plan out your 168 hours and anticipate other commitments
10-12 applications = one interview
Every 4-6 applications = check in with SD
Be patient. This takes time.
Letters of Interest
Opening Paragraph:
Who are you?
Why are you contacting them?
Relevance of application or interest: Why are you motivated to apply to work with this individual or organization?
Statement of ‘fit’: What skills/experience do you feel “fit” for a potential position?

Paragraph One Checklist
Position and company you are applying to
Your program, year and university that you attend
Interest sentence: Research the company and show why you are interested in working for them
Last sentence: Show what you can do for the employer by using a Thesis Statement

Paragraph 2 & 3 Checklist
Identify the experience or skill
Give an example of how you used the skill
Provide a result
Explain the connection (if needed)

Letters of Interest vs Cover Letters
Position Unknown
External Job Search
Counts towards weekly total
How I want you to feel May 1st
May 1, 2017
Developed excellent research skills as a Research Assistant at CAMH by conducting literature reviews, analyzing data, and creating reports resulting in earning a government grant for $2000
By stating this in your Skills section it directs them to the role at CAMH
Recruited (skill) 30 volunteers weekly (result), in person and by phone, using persuasive communication skills (exp) for UTSC Greenpath program
Coded multiple projects in Python by designing, building and debugging custom solutions in Software Design course
Co-op Position from September to December
1. Group Technical
2. Group Interpersonal
This will help with your resume and cover letter
4 Paragraphs

Most important part of Co-op
Deadlines | Time-Management | Work-Permits
Willing to ask for help | Keep it positive
Resume Requirements:
PDF all documents
Fonts: use only Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri
Font Size: 11 point at the very least | do not adjust margins too much
What is missing?
Use numbers & time

Psychological Research Laboratory September 2017 – Present
• Example one using the skill + experience = result formula
• Example two using the skill + experience = result formula
• Example three using the skill + experience = result formula

Introduction to Psychology I &II September 2016 – April 2017
• Example one using the skill + experience = result formula
• Example one using the skill + experience = result formula
• Example one using the skill + experience = result formula

I would be able to contribute valuably to the extensive research conducted by your team because of my analytical skill associated with performing chemistry and biology laboratories, my data analysis skills developed through performing research and writing lab reports and excellent communication skills both as a presenter and student leader.
Recap of Last Week
Self-Fulfilling Prophecies and the Power of Labels
Master & Tailored Resumes
'Yes, And'
Improv Strategies
Ticket Out The Door
Part 1: Tell me about a previous interview experience that either went well or went terribly wrong. What did you learn from it? What will you do differently next time?

If you have never been on an interview, what would you need to know to help you prepare for your first interview?

Part 2: What are your top 3 most feared interview questions?

335 Days
Reticular Activating System
So how do you manage these commitments
2 Full Pages (tailored to the position)
Summary of Qualifactions section can only 50% of page 1 max; can be less - like a movie trailer
The Reframe Strategy
How do you build confidence?
For Life Sciences Students
For Life Sciences Students
For Life Sciences Students
Accomplishment Statements
I feel my previous volunteer experience as a research assistant would be an asset to this position, as well as my strong communication and professionalism developed from caring for disabled adults.
I am
that my experience working with
confidential information
as a
(paragraph 2)
, along with my strong communication and professionalism developed from caring
for adults with disabilities
(paragraph 3)
will help me succeed as a Counsellor at Shadow Lake.
Creating a thesis statement
Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/heres-what-recruiters-look-at-during-the-6-seconds-they-spend-on-your-resume-2012-4
Common challenges in writing accomplishment statements
Avoid Repetition
"Great ability to work in a team by working together in a team to…."
Use correct tense
Stronger results
A+ - Highest mark in the class
Project completed on time and received an award

Make the results concrete - E.g. decreased errors
("resulting in better understanding" - not concrete)

Explain the "how" in detail
Mediates between students and teachers when presented with challenging situations, resulting in....
Mediates between students and teachers
by listening to, explaining, and providing suggestions to resolve challenging situations to both groups
resulting in
Avoid having too many skills in one sentence and instead focus on one skill for your sentence.
Poor Example: Demonstrated exceptional communication, team-work, organization and customer-service skills acquired from being....
Focus on one skill that is shown in the job posting;
Each bullet point should only be one sentence.
No "I" or "My" statements
Excellent data collection skills developed through experience administering a 2-hour battery of neuropsychological tests, resulting in the completion of 26 participants
Worked in a team of 4 to ...... resulting in
Resume Audit
Proofread your sentence out loud
The difference between
"You must be smart
You must have worked very hard."
How you see yourself has an impact on your performance
Identity vs Action
Associative Memory
Master Resume Vs Tailored Resume
Summary of Skills Statements Vs Resume Body Statements
One's ability to remember is largely dependent on its emotional context.

[The] hippocampus is more apt to tag information for long-term memory if it has emotional significance.
Excellent marketing skills (skill) in researching and evaluating client needs, making presentations (exp) to clients obtaining buy-in (result)

*Think movie trailer - this gives a summary or overview
Promoted dental services (skill + exp) contributing to an increased patient base of more than 600 patients within the first six months. (result)

*More specific and has more details - think of this as the actual movie
Combining Skill and Experience from the formula
Conducted literature reviews, analyzed data, and created reports (skill+exp) earning a government grant at CAMH for $2000 (result)
DO NOT start your statements with “Able to” or “Responsible for” making presentations
“ Made appealing presentations by....”
Do not use examples from this presentation or from previous courses....employers recognize phrases
Strong writing skills developed by researching, summarizing and critically analyzing topics resulting in three essays that earned a mark of B+ or higher
Employers will know + Plagiarism = Removal from D01
How others see you has an impact on your performance
Lessons Learned from the T-Analysis Assignment

Therefore the fallacy we need NOT fall into is that life – our lives – are dictated by big once in a lifetime decisions. It is NOT what you do once a year that is going to allow you to live a legendary life, it is what you do you EVERY DAY. Consistency is the mother of mastery. – Robin Sharma
Choose your labels carefully
Do not let a rejection/bad mark dictate how you value yourself and what you have to offer
"I am a failure"
"I failed" (based on action/effort)
Level of skill + what skill you are highlighting = result
Direct your reader to where you want them to go
products to up to 25 customers per 4 hour shift resulting in positive customer service reviews
Used in Summary of Skills section
Used in body of resume
Too Historical
Numbers + Time = Evidence
Weak: Helped organized a large student event on campus by going giving ideas at meetings
As a Senior Leader, planned and executed event logistics for a 3 day orientation for over 2000 students
Highlight your unique personality and interests
"Similarities matter most when they are rare."
"We bond most when we share uncommon commonalities."
- Adam Grant, Give and Take
Show the competition...
and what you did to them
Awarded $5000 U of T Entrance Scholarship awarded to only 100 first year students in Psychology
Finished first out of 100 teams at the annual _____ competition by....
"I'm not really a _____ person..."
What you wrote here

Goes here
word, how would you describe yourself and explain why this word?
2 Subsections Under "Summary of Qualifications/Skills" header
Type in key words and see how often it shows up to determine what to focus on in your application
Use past tense for positions that are finished
E.g. Led 15 students as the Captain for the High School W5H team by...

Use present tense for positions that are continuing
E.g. Leads 12 team members as the Senior UTSC Facilitator by...
Career Exploration

Keep working to change your life until it is the life you want
A plan for your parents and for you
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5+
Create a plan that answers the W5H questions
400 fifth grade students
"You must be smart at this"
"You must have worked really hard"
Test #2
Test #3
Test #4
Performance declined by 20%
Increased by 30%
When we praise children for their intelligence we tell them that's the name of the game:
look smart, don't risk making mistakes
1. Self-Preservation
To take action, we need to engage the Rider (Rational Mind) AND the Elephant (Emotional Mind)
For the Rider - we need to use logic:
Use specific instructions/rules (think library session)
Have a clear vision of what you want to achieve e.g. "If I do X it will lead to...."
Reframe perspective from"Have to" (Extrinsic) Motivation to "Want to" (Intrinsic) Motivation

"Engage the Elephant"
Lack of clarity
Over thinking
Emotional Brain wants instant gratification
"Want to" goals are goals that reflect a person's genuine interest and values and are personally important and meaningful."
"They are pursued because of interest or enjoyment...because they are assimilated into the person's core identity..."
Our emotions make us act; it is our motor
"I am here to save lives"
"Pissed off beats fear every time"
Watch a Bell Let's Talk Day Video
Use the frame/filter
For your assignment:
Top 4-5 Technical Skills
Top 4-5 Interpersonal Skills
Accomplishment Statement Examples
Accomplishment Statement Examples
Go here for a list of interpersonal skills: https://www.thebalance.com/interpersonal-skills-list-2063724
For examples of technical skills go to: https://www.thebalance.com/technical-skills-list-2063775
Great article on soft skills:
As long as you want
2 pages maximum - due Oct 30
*All bullets points in the Experience Section can be a maximum of 2 lines and must use the following formula:
As long as a sentence has all three parts of the formula
(skill+experience = result) they can appear in the sentence in any order.
The Rider's Weakness
Think about how you felt after getting your marks on ACORN.

Positive or negative that feeling/emotion doesn't last. Which is why we need our logical mind (the Rider) to remind us of our specific short-term and long-term goals while the emotional mind engages us to act on what we personally value.
Focus on what you
as opposed to what you don't have
Technical /Academic
Pick a job for a celebrity that on the surface they might not have the skill for (E.g. Justin Bieber as a Cop)

Using the REFRAME strategy, show that they can actually have the transferable skills to do the job.
Can you tell a meaningful story in 12-16 sentences?

What makes a meaningful or memorable story?
A thesis statement is used to highlight the top 2-3 skills that this role requires
Depending on what the role needs your thesis will be mix between technical and interpersonal skills
One technical skill and one interpersonal skill
Two technical skills and one interpersonal skill
One technical skill and two interpersonal skills

Paragraph 2 and Paragraph 3 Checklist
Skill - Identify the experience or experiences that you will draw on
Experience – Describe the actions that you took that shows the skills that the employer is looking for
Result – Describe the outcome of your actions
Relate – Explain how you will use the skills or the experience you stated above in the role you are applying for (E.g. “This experience will help me in this role by….”or “And these experiences have developed my _______ skill which is required for this role”)

Paragraph 4 – Checklist
Summarize key skills, abilities, and experiences that make you qualified for the role.
The first line here should match the thesis statement in your first paragraph and the skills and experiences you have outlined in the previous two paragraphs.
Do not introduce new skills and experiences here as it has no proof to support it.
Mention the position title and organization again
Ask for the interview
End with a “Thank you.”

About your Group Work mark
Learn from one another; Help one another
Each person gets an anonymous vote as to what your mark will be out of 20
Each person will give feedback about your performance throughout the entire semester
Reputation and Relationship Building
The tragedy at U of T is that some students would rather look smart and not ask for help than actually ask for help and get smart.
EGO > $$$ Education
Even professors ask for help too:
Unlike high school, in university it is remedial to NOT ask for help. Use the resources/offices/services/professors/TAs around you.
Senior Co-op Student Presentations
Physical & Environmental Sciences Poster Presentations
• Thursday February 1, 10:00 – 12:00 in the EV Building Atrium

Psychology, Neuroscience & Mental Health Studies Poster Presentations
• Wednesday February 7, 12:00 – 2:00 in the SY Building Atrium

Every bullet point in the resume uses this formula
It's not that you are lost; it is just that you are new
"I'm new here..."
"It's my first time taking..."
"If I only had one more hour"
Creating your "Interest" Statement
Focus on what the company/department/team is doing that makes you want to join them
Company Websites
Review Annual Reports
Doing this research will also help you decide whether you want to work for them or not and it will help you create an answer to a very common interview question
Learn their history, mission, vision and values
Find people, learn about what they are doing and read their research.
Research the industry
"This is a lot of work for one or two sentences"
Check the news
As mid-terms approach remember...
Think of your marks as a representation of a very specific point in time and not as a representation of your ability or intelligence.
Your grades do not tell the full story. They are just a snapshot of a moment.
What mid-terms look like on Instagram
Ask for help and help each other
Remember that You made it to the University of Toronto for a reason
Think of all the students who applied ...
Think of all your hard work to get here...
In case you got off to a "slow start"
Schedule and earn guilt free time to recharge
Good luck!
Next Class: Wednesday, February 28 at 5 pm
Show that you can work in research by actually doing some research on the job.
Keep an eye on your email and Blackboard for updates
Keep up with your Group Work and Weekly Journals
Mid-Term Check-In Log for Personal and Professional Development due February 14 @ 11:59 pm
T-Analysis, Resume and Cover Letter due on Wednesday, February 21 at 11:59 pm
Additional Office Hours will be added to help you ace this assignment as this skill is absolutely critical to your success in co-op.
What mid-terms really look like
Break down really big tasks into smaller more manageable and achievable tasks and create a schedule
Put it somewhere visible to help you focus
E.g. Wall charts
Watch out for the sugar crash. Hydrate with water to stay awake and eat balanced/nutritious meals to have sustainable consistent energy levels
Assume and anticipate that "life" will happen and you may not be at your very best when you write your exams.

However, if you know that you did whatever your best is, in that moment, you will have no regrets. Learn from the experience so you can use it for next time.
Create a T-analysis based on the volunteer/job posting that you are applying to
Your resume should be 2 full pages
In your Summary of Skills section there should two subsections
The most space this section should take is 50% of your first page
Your Summary of Skills section should be followed by your Education section and should look like this:
After your Education section you should have a Relevant Courses section if you have any skills that you learned in your courses that you know you can use for the position that you are applying for. It looks like this:
To show your experiences you have two options:

Option 1: Group all of your paid and volunteer experiences in one section called "Relevant Experiences"

Option 2: Create two separate sections that are called "Work Experience" and "Volunteer/Extracurricular Experience."

Regardless of which option you follow, make sure to list your experiences from most recent to oldest.

Here is an example:
Take note of the formatting for your Experience sections:
The position title is listed first and it is bolded
The date includes the month and year, but not the day (e.g April 2017) and is on the same line as the position title. It can be bolded or not.
The organization is listed underneath the position title and is not bolded.
Each section created has at least 2-3 bullet points and 5-6 bullet points as maximum
Here is an example:
Only include your CGPA if it is higher than 3.30
Notice the use of numbers and time references
(e.g. 25 customers per 4 hour shift)
The logo that you use here is the same as the one on your resume. Your logo is your name, address, phone number and U of T email and you put this at the top of the page using the "Header Function"in MS Word.
Under your logo is the employer contact information.
If they did not provide an address do your best to find their office address.
If the name of the recruiter is not provided on the job posting you can write:
Dear Position Title Hiring Manager or
Dear Game Tester Hiring Committee
*For "Position Title" above put the actual position title that you are applying for.

DO NOT write:
To whom it may concern or
Dear Sir or Madam
or Dear "Position Title" Hiring Committee
Address the letter to the name provided on the job posting:

Add the date on the same line as the employer name but on the right side of the page and keep it simple:
E.g. October 30, 2018

Do not use short forms for the month as this is a formal document.

Here is an example of how it should look like:
You will get an automatic zero on your resume if:
1. Your resume is not 2 full pages and/or
2. All of your resume bullet points do not use the
skill + experience = result formula and/or
3. Lack of effort and carelessness (spelling mistakes, poor formatting, etc.)
You will get an automatic zero on your cover letter if:
1. Your cover letter exceeds 1 page and/or
2. Your first paragraph does not have an interest statement and thesis and/or
3. Your middle 2 paragraphs do not use the
skill + experience = result + relate formula and/or
4. Lack of effort and carelessness (spelling mistakes, poor formatting, etc.)
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