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Professional Athlete

No description

joshua watson

on 22 April 2016

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Transcript of Professional Athlete

What they do
As a professional athlete I would have to practice and work out to stay in shape and to better myself, Also sometimes athletes do interviews and commercials.
Educational level
To become a professional athlete your education doesn't matter but is good to have to help support you just in case you lose your job or you get hurt
An athlete can earn from 20,190 to 187,200 dollars, depending on how they do during the games, and how famous they are.
Employment Number
As of 2014 the employment rate of being a professional athlete was 13,700, and 2024 it would be 14,500. The employment rate would increase by 800.

Similar Jobs
Personal trainers, sport officials, and coaches are very similar jobs to professional athlete, because they all have something to do with sports, and fitness
pros and cons
As a professional athlete i would be making a good amount of money, and I would be working a job i enjoy. Also you can get famous off of it. On the other hand, it is hard to get in since a lot of people are playing, and if i get hurt my career is over.
There aren't no specific hours that you have, you just have games, practices, and meetings.
skills and experiences
I have played on multiple basketball teams, and i have been playing for a while, and also I train when not playing with a team.
Professional Athlete
by: Joshua Watson 7a
Why im interested
I have been plaing basketball for a long time, and would like to continue on playing during my life, so i'm going to make it to the NBA
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