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No description

Masahiro Kasuya

on 10 September 2015

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Transcript of 2015_0909_IBMsmartCamp

2. Wave hand
1. Open
3. Make a fist
by IMS Research
Power of
EMG Patterns
Only 2-3 EMG Patterns
COO: Masahiro Kasuya
Algorithm developer
CTO: Tatsuya Seki
Mechanics developer
CSO: Toshiaki Ishii
CEO: Sumio Ito
Management &
mechanical engineer
Muscle fatigue
Muscle load
Over 10 years of research
Cyborg Olympic
Handicapped Persons'
Employment Promotion Act
Only Meltin can decode
rich information from muscles
massive EMG data
Big data analysis with Watson
Improve prosthesis movement
Health monitoring/forecast
Automated self Upgrade System
- Improve accuracy
$6 billion market
$20 billion market
Fitness interface
Prosthetic hand
Surgery robot for HALS method
Vote for
Not enough for prosthesis
Technical advisor:
Hiroshi Yokoi
Existing EMG interface
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