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Symbolism in A Curtain of Green

No description

savannah morgan

on 7 September 2014

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Transcript of Symbolism in A Curtain of Green

The Chinaberry Tree
DEATH -even the delicacy of the balance of life and death as it leans to kill
"dark and slow"
"leaning down to her husband" -personification of the tree as death leaning in to take her husband
no warning
Zinnia Shoots
LIFE -where Jamey is
lasting affection
thinking of or in memory of a loved one
daily remembrance
Eudora Welty uses the garden, the rain, the pear tree, the chinaberry tree and the zinnia shoots as natural symbols in A Curtain of Green.
The Garden
large and overgrown "thick, dense"
"border of hedge, high like a wall, visible only from upstairs..."
works, trims, non-stop
"to allow and overflowing, as if she consciously ventured forever a little farther, a little deeper, into her life (in the garden)"
fertility "blackness of the soil" green= renewal
symbol of paradise & consciousness (garden is her mind) -her way to escape grief, "lose" herself-
Mr. Larkin
his memory
"center of the garden"= the center of her grief.
"shelter of the pear tree" from the rain (constant reminder)
after the rain starts: "the pear tree gave a soft rushing noise, like the wings of birds alighting" -the rain releases the memory of his death and the grief over it
Symbolism in A Curtain of Green
The Pear Tree
The Rain
constant reminder of grief
Welty uses as a cleansing/release
"the sound of the end of waiting"
and in the end its used as a symbol of a new begining because her feeling of his death being her fault is washed away.
"as if it had swelled and boken over a daily levee, tenderness tore and spun through her sagging body"
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