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Matthew Kwiecien

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of npitw

No promises in he wind is written in first- person, the author uses words such as "I" and "we". The novel would change completely depending on who is telling the story. Another example from this book that was written in first-person is, " I liked the way he spoke of my sending money as if the probability of my getting a job and earning money to pay my debts was a very real one." Some static characters are Emily, Pete Harris, and Lonnie. Static characters are characters that don't change much during the book. They are static because we don't learn much about them. No Promises In the Wind
by: Irene Hunt characters Josh Grondowski is the main character Joey is Josh's little brother who is also a main character Lonnie is a truck driver that is very nice and helpful to Josh and Joey Stefan and Mary Gronkowski are Josh's and Joey's parents Dynamic Characters The dynamic characters are Josh, and Stefan. Dynamic characters are characters are characters that change. These characters changed by overcoming the Great Depression. historical fiction is a story set in the past. The setting and some characters in the story are usually true. The setting is drawn from a time in history, The Great Depression. Some examples from the book are Hubert Hoover. No Promises in the Wind is historical fiction because it is set in a real time with some real characters. Point of View theme Setting
The setting of No Promises In The Wind is in The Great Depression.
The places that they are in are Louisiana,Nebraska, and Chicago. The time period is between 1930-1933. In the book the boys visit lots of places but those are the main places. The weather throughout the book is mainly cold, because it takes place in the winter and the spring. The theme for the book is the Great Depression. Back then they didn't have the money we have now. As we learn in the book Josh and Joey go on their own at a really young age and have to survive. They get all the food they need because Josh does things like playing the piano for money. Its a struggle but they make it out of it. I learned that you never know what times people are going through. The lady in Nebraska for example, they asked for food and then she started sobbing because she could not even feed her own children. Matthew 25:35- When i was hungry you gave me food thirsty water and tired a place to stay My theme I chose for No Promises in the Wind is never give up. The Bible passage I chose for the theme is "For nothing is impossible with God" Luke 1:37. By Matthew Kwiecien This story teaches me a few things. One thing is during hard times, there will only be a limited amount of help. Another is if you work hard enough, you can achieve what you are working for. One last thing is that you should do your job even if you really don't want to.By Mathew Kwiecien theme historical fiction Cal Mccoy
Bible Passage= Matthew 19:14-15
But Jesus said,"Let the children come onto to me, and do not prevent them; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." After he placed his hands on them, he went away.

When Josh did not want joey to come with them to leave howie said "why can't he go with us, josh."
It relates because howie lets Joey come with them and jesus lets the kids come to him. characterization is the way the author describes the characters, such as "Josh Grondowski was a tall slim boy who played the piano very well". The author gives us hints about what the character is like. our characterization opinion is Josh is a nice 15 year old boy who watches out for his younger brother joey. And joey is a young 10 year old boy who is curious and a good singer, and a decent banjo
player connecting to the text

This story teaches me that I should never run away because I will always end up at home. I also learned that my family will always love ME no matter what I do. by ryne cunningham, Matthew kwiecien, Calvin McCoy, and Spencer Lintonsmith Connecting to the Text
The book teaches me many things. One thing it teaches me is people can change like how Josh's dad changes spencers theme Group Group Member Member Member Member (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr copy paste branches if you need more.... Theme
theme: You will always find your way back home.
Luke 14:11-32
Throughout N.P.I.T.W. Josh and Joey are deciding if they should go back home. Many people tried to persuade them to go home to give their father another chance. When they finally decide to go home their parents are happy they are back. In the Bible parable "The Lost Son" the son leaves the house and spends all of his father's money. When he comes back his father is happy even though he did what he did. In both stories the characters both decide to come home. connecting to the text evidence of poverty The conflict in this book is both character vs. character, and character vs. himself.
External conflict is when the character fights an outside force.

examples: when he fights with his dad.
Another is when he argues with Joey.

Two examples of internal conflict is when he is trying to fight a cold.

Another is when Josh tries to get over Howwie's death. Internal conflict is when the charcter fights an inside force. point of view dynamic and static characters Historical Fiction Connecting To The Text
This book has tough me many things. One of the most important is even if someone is bad or doesn't care about you they can always change. An example is Josh's Dad changes at the end of the book. Also Josh changes because he realises that he needs his Dad and his Dad needs him. Characters Static and Dynamic characters themes Spencer's Rynes Calvin's Matthew's Characterization
Characterization is the act ofcreating and devoloping characters. It is revealed through direct and indirect characterization. For direct characterization the author tells you the traits and indirect characterization the author shows the characters actions, speech, and thoughts. An example of direct characterization is "There's a great anger growing amoung people." (page 136) Connecting to the text Spencers An example of indirect is " Joey stirred on our side of the bed when the alarm clock jangled at a quarter to zero." Matthew's Ryne's Ryne's Themes The theme for No Promises in the Wind is always trust your parents because they always will love you and they are smatter than the average bear. Josh and Joey run away from home, and at the end of the book they come back and their parents welcome them and told them that they were woried.

The bible passage I choose was Matthew 14, When I was hungry you gave me food, thirsty you gave me drink tired and you gave me home. that relates to the story because when Josh and Joey go to Nebraska they ask the lady for food and she starts bawling but she ends up giving them food. Thank you for Watching Our prezi spencer's
matt's By: Ryne, Spencer, Matthew, and Calvin conflict calvin
connectng to the text
This novel teaches me that i should be thankful for having a careing family that provides for me. This also teaches me that i should never run away and obey my parents even if it is not what i want. This story teaches me to be a good big brother because Josh is a great Big brother to Joey. and if i can get the respect that Joey had for Josh that would be pretty cool! evidence of poverty spencers overshoes cost $1.30 and milk that cost 5 cents Ryne's The kids were amazed when they saw that Charley had a car, and a girl that had to work as a clown. Calvin's The circus couldn't be rebuilt because there wasn't enough money and going to a cafe was a HUGE!!! deal. MATT'S The boys couldn't afford many things which is why Josh got mad at Joey when he gave the women the bread to pay her back. It cost 25 cents to rent a room at someones house. Historical Fiction
Historical fiction is a made up story set in the past. Some people are drawn from history like President Herbet Hoover. The characters that are fake are Josh, Joey, Lonnie, Stephan, Mary, Pete Harris, Edward C. and Emily. Conflict
Conflict is the struggle between two opposing forces. Internal conflict exists within a character. External conflict is a struggle against an outside force. The difference between internal an external conflict is that one is inside you and one is not. Some examples of internal conflict are Josh dealing with his health and with money. Some examples of external conflict are character vs. character, and character vs. society.
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